Top Ten Fairy Tail Theme Songs

The best theme songs in the Fairy Tail anime! (The entire anime, and not just 2014).

The Top Ten

1 Snow Fairy
2 Believe in Myself

I voted for Believe in Myself, because it shows the pasts of certain characters and it shows characters going through things most people would rather not go through. Also the song has a nice rhythm to it and you can't get the song out of your head. Sometimes I play it a lot of times and it never gets old.

3 Masayume Chasing

I have this song on repeat all the time! No matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old! BoA has a beautiful voice, and I love everything about this song! - PerfectlyPink1210

4 Rock City Boy

Rock City Boy has an amazingly catchy beat, the singing sounds amazing, I love that it has rapping in it, it has a lot of English in it, I always love to put this on repeat and rock out to it! - PerfectlyPink1210

5 Ashita Wo Narase

The graphics and everything are so cool. I love the beat it's a mix or rock and pop.

This was one of my favorites, even though believe in myself was so exilerating Ashita Wo Narase express how the grandmaster faced her past and excelled with illusion magic but little did she know that the friend she was with was an illusion

6 Break Out

Break Out I always felt deserved more appreciation. The beat is amazing, the singing sounds great, I love everything about this song and I also put this on repeat quite a bit too! - PerfectlyPink1210

7 Towa No Kizuna
8 Strike Back

Oh my gosh, it should be first! - Crystalsnow

9 Mysterious Magic

Mysterious Magic I had on repeat today and I can never get it out of my head when I listen to it, but I don't mind, because this song rocks and I think it deserves more attention than some of the others, even though I love them all. I just feel this one is underrated. - PerfectlyPink1210

10 Never End Tale

The Contenders

11 Evidence

I absolutely love the message this theme conveys. It was composed by one of my favorite vocaloid artists, and although I prefer the Hatsune Miku version to Daisy x Daisys, this is without a doubt my favorite theme of all time. :))))

12 Yakusoku No Hi
13 Ft.

It's nice

14 I Wish
15 Egao No Mahou
16 R.P.G Rockin' Playing Game
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1. Ashita Wo Narase
2. Rock City Boy
3. Snow Fairy
1. Believe in Myself
2. Masayume Chasing
3. Break Out


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