Top 10 Family Guy Season 11 Episodes

The Top Ten
1 Valentine's Day in Quahog

By far the best family guy season 11 episode

2 Yug Ylimaf

I don't like that episode.

3 Road to Vegas

This is the worst episode in my opinion, I want them to redo the entire episode. I want Brian and Stewie to take another road trip to Vegas. Please tell them to redo the episode.

4 Brian's Play

An extremely well-written and intelligent half hour of television

5 12 and a Half Angry Men

One of the worst episodes that I've watched.

The best episode in recent memory.

6 Into Fat Air
7 The Old Man and the Big C
8 Jesus, Mary, & Joseph
9 The Giggity Wife
10 Call Girl

How is this one not in the top 10? The phone line scenes with mort and quagmire are hilarious.

The Contenders
11 Total Recall
12 Joe's Revenge
13 Bigfat
14 Ratings Guy
15 Save the Clam
16 Space Cadet
17 Farmer Guy

Should be higher

18 Lois Comes Out of Her Shell

I like how Lois gets to finally do what she wants: Her dream job.

Johnny Depp is in it.

19 No Country Club for Old Men

This one is hilarious through and through

20 Friends Without Benefits

This episode is awful.

21 Chris Cross
22 Turban Cowboy

Most Muslims are terrorists.

Dude! That's stereo typing.

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