Top 10 Worst Things Brian Griffin Has Done

Brian Griffin is a horrible character who managed to get so much worst with each episode these are just some of the most horrendous things that Brian Griffin has ever done on Family Guy.
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1 Reunited with His Son for Personal Gain (Brian's a Bad Father)

Since when does Brian cares about his son? Oh wait! NEVER in his whole entire life unless he's famous!

It's NEVER a good thing to use on anyone at all!

This is Brian at his most obnoxious.

2 Became an Obnoxious Jerk After Writing a Bestseller (Brian Writes a Bestseller)

This episode is one of which Brian is at his absolute worst Brian finally writes a best selling book and becomes an obnoxious jerk treating Stewie horribly the only person who puts up with his crap, thankfully he gets his comeuppance after being taken down by Bill Maher on prime time T.V. and even after all that Brian still refuses to apologize to Stewie for how he acted.

Stewie should quit straight away as soon as Brian becomes a jerk!

I feel very sorry for Stewie in that episode!

3 Give Stewie Herpes (Herpe the Love Sore)

Brian knew he had herpes and yet he still allows Stewie to become blood brothers with him. Next day, Stewie ends up with herpes and Brian doesn't apologize for it acting like it wasn't his fault.

I'm sure it was justified. It was probably karma from all those years of Stewie trying to kill Lois.

4 Hit on Lois (Play It Again, Bryan)

One of the worst things Brian does is that he tries to seduce Lois, even though she's already married, and to his best friend nonetheless, the man who saved him from certain death and pays for everything he buys, and never pays him back. I'm not done with the hitting on though. And it's not just Lois, remember when he ran away with Bonnie? He deserved to be shot in the leg at the end. Hell, Joe should have put him in a coma. I'm just not a savage to actually finish the job...yet. Overall, Brian is the worst when he hits on women for their bodies, and it's even worse whenever they're married

Quagmire is much more worse!

5 Allowed Stewie and The Other Young Kids to Get Abused by the Irresponsible Teacher so he Could Score with Her (Be Careful What You Fish For)

What a jerk. I don't care if the teacher is hot. Do the right thing. Don't be distracted by pretty faces

Brian should've sued that teacher straight away!

That teacher is both ugly on the inside & outside!

6 Convinced Meg Not to Believe in God (Not All Dogs Go to Heaven)

Why is that a bad thing. Religion is a virus on this planet. You do realize that Christians were burning books just before Brain said that, which is way worse. Not to mention do you remember how Christians were treating Brian after he said he was an atheist. That is why I hate religion. I have been treated the same way by religious people, and I have been nothing but nice to everyone.

Quagmire was right about Brian talking down on anyone who believes in a different religion!

It all depends on how you look at it if it's a bad or good thing.

7 Duped Quagmire into Buying a Run Down Condo (Brian the Closer)
8 Ruined the Future by Preventing 911 (Back to the Pilot)
9 Dated Cheryl Tiegs to Get Back at Quagmire (Tiegs for Two)

After attending one of Quagmire's classes on how to pick up women which ends with bad results Brian gets revenge on him by dating his first love Cheryl Tiegs and treating her like dirt right in front of him.

10 Legalized Pot Only to Sell Out to Get His Novel Published (420)
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11 Tried to Avoid Paying Stewie After Their Bet (Patriot Games)

Hence gambling is very bad!

12 Hitting on Patty (Scammed Yankees)
13 Sided with Kevin Swanson (A Military Deserter)

Their neighbors son deserted the US army in Iraq and Brian claims they should let him speak for himself, yet Brian knows Kevin was 100% wrong in his entire act.

Maybe Brian is being understanding to both sides of the story!

14 Misled a Blind Woman (The Blind Side)

I'm glad the being girl is NOT dating Brian anymore. Brian was also horrible to Jillian.

15 Let Stewie Stow Away in Quagmire's Suitcase (The Stewaway)

Why must Brian be careless al the time.

16 Allowed Jess to Die So He Could Get Out of Their Marriage (Married with Cancer)
17 Took Breaks at His Job as a Police Officer So He Could Do Cocaine in the Bathroom (The Thin White Line)
18 Allowed a Woman Who Drove Off the Road to Drown After Finding Out She Had a Baby (American Gigg-Olo)
19 Have Sex with Ida (Quagmire's Dad)
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