Top Ten Worst Things About Having a Big Family

So my immediate family is pretty big compared to the average American one. Maybe it's because we're Mexican? It's a stereotype that Mexicans have lots of kids... I don't know, it just gets annoying when you have 9 people in one house.
The Top Ten
1 Others hogging the bathroom(s)

Just imagine you have to defecate what you ate a few hours ago, and all the bathrooms in the house are occupied. You have bugged the shiz out of the people in both bathrooms, but they're still busy. It's either wait until someone comes out and face the disgusting consequences if they don't come out in time, or be like a dog and go in the yard... Yeah, nobody wants poop in the lawn.

Sometimes I piss myself because my old ass stepdad is in the bathroom all the time... And I'm almost 15, yeah... We only have 1 bathroom which I hate.

No worries for me I have 2 bathrooms

2 The food you bought for yourself gets eaten by someone else

I literally have to hide any food that I buy because if I don't, it'll be eaten in a matter of seconds after I put it in the pantry. It's either hide or let it be eaten around here.

So they're monsters

3 Transportation problems

There's nine people in my house. There is no car that I know of that can carry nine people without someone ending up on the car floor. So guess what? We buy more cars! And what does that mean? We're paying more! So awesome...

4 Hard to please everyone

So when we go out to a place to just hang out, we sometimes decide to eat out. It's rare for us to eat fast food because my half Italian and half Mexican mother loves to feed us to death with her meals. So we go out and it's just a mess of people screaming in the car. "I WANT MCDONALDS" "YO QUIERO BURGER KING" "CARLS JR." "IN-N-OUT" "MOM I NEED TO PEE". It's a fudging mess and we just end up getting what my parents want. Nobody gets what they want!

Peppa pig can please my family more than I can

5 There's hardly any room in the house

Everyone has their stuff everywhere. You have toys piled up in a closet, half of another closet filled with shoes, the back yard has soccer balls everywhere (thanks to my older brother...), and there's just not enough room. I mean, our house has 4 rooms and it's still not enough! I'm just lucky that I got my own room this time that we moved. I do not want to be stuck with the she-Devils that are my younger sisters again!

6 More people means more money being spent

My sisters are spoiled. My older siblings, who are over 18, still haven't moved out and still want to be supported by my parents. My niece and nephew are spoiled too and they are currently going to a private school. And me, the middle child who can't even ask for a new simple sketch pad gets chastised for making my parents waste money. The middle child always has it the worst...

7 Too much noise

The screaming and crying of toddlers, the whining of younger sisters, the arguing between parents, and the older siblings bickering with one another. And me? I just put on some music and think "This is fine. Everything will be okay"

This also applies to Asian family parties

8 Not being able to sleep

Sleep? In this household? HahaHAHAA! It pretty much goes hand and hand with the too much noise option. Good luck sleeping when there's two young toddlers in the house.

Wait there's something called sleep? Never done that

9 So much laundry

Laundry day is practically every day. And guess who has to wash all that dirty laundry? If you haven't guessed, it's me. Aren't I just lucky?...

10 Buying gifts for everyone

Oh look it here! It seems that I'm broke from buying you all Christmas presents. Haha! Sorry fellas but it seems you won't be getting any gifts from Kris this birthday! (I have no money until I start working again during the summer...)

The Contenders
11 Having lots of arguments
12 Not getting attention

Me: makes a cure for cancer that works. Guys look I made a working cure for all cancer
Family: Meh.
Someone: blinks
Family: He/She blinked!

13 T.V. hoggers

I have this problem and all I have are my parents.

14 As soon as someone sees you, they won't leave you alone.
15 There's always a mess to clean it up
16 They always talk loudly and never shut up
17 Having to share a room

I'm so happy I don't have a big family. I need my own room and privacy to survive!

18 They never give you any privacy
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