Top Ten Worst Things About Growing Up With Overprotective Parents

If you have overprotective parents, you will understand. Note: this is for OVERPROTECTIVE parents only, not normal parents.
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1 They still make you call them "Mommy" and "Daddy," and yell at you for trying to call them Mom and Dad, even when you are 13.

I must be very unlucky to live in a home with overprotective parents.

Why do you yell at me for being the correct maturity for my age?

This is true in my family...we're Asian... but I still insist calling them "Mom" and "Dad" instead

2 Not being near people with a different gender

I find this weird, my mom won't let me be friends with a boy at all. And I'm not allowed to date until I am 22... But I don't care about the dating one honestly. But not being able to have friends of the opposite gender though...

My parents are uncomfortable with me having guys for friends ( I can only talk to them online because we moved to a different city 7 hours away ). They are not completely opposed to this and I'm grateful.

My sister got pregnant at the end of high school, so my parents are afraid that I will make the mistake of getting a girl pregnant. Also they won't let me hangout with my gay friends alone.

3 No friends allowed

Fortunately not every millennial had overprotective parents because nothing on this list is what my parents would do to me.

I wasn't allowed to make friends unless if they were in my class and my mom knew their mom.

Really? My mom is overprotective and she allows me to have friends.

4 Even if you are allowed to have friends, no socializing outside of school

Because of this, I lost so many friends.

This is kinda normal in India for an 11 yo.

5 Be at school 20 minutes early, and your mom must stay with you until you reach your classroom

I do not need this. If you drop me off, I will arrive at my classroom. Also, you are CAUSING bullying by getting me accused of being a "Momma's Boy."

6 No staying up at all, even 1 minute, even on weekends, even during summer

My parents yelled at me for going to bed 5 seconds late 3 weeks after school ended.

7 You aren't allowed to watch PG-13 movies, even when you are older than 13.

I'm an adult and I was watching Texas Chainsaw 3D when my mom came in and told me that it's too "violent" for me and that I may copy it. It's rated R. This is the EXACT SAME mom that allows me to watch the Annabelle and IT movies.

People who are 26 that have their mom telling them what to do need a life.

I am 13.25 and not allowed to watch PG. G only, and I am 13.

8 No talking to friends after school, even if your parents are reluctant to leave.

I HATE it when my mom talks for 20 minutes after school, and yells at me when I try to talk to my friends.

9 They clean your room constantly, even if it is already clean

My room was perfectly organized, and my mom reorganized into her proprietary, literally proprietary, system without explaining it to me, and I couldn't find anything.

My mom constantly makes me wipe down my entire room all over again despite the fact that I already did it SEVERAL DAYS AGO!

10 They won't let you wear certain clothes

Yh I asked for ripped jeans, they bought me it, I wore it for a day, they yell at me for showing off so much skin( rips were only nears knees, medium sized) and told nvr to were it again in public...

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11 They won't let you play violent video games

It's so dumb when adults think we'll become violent of playing video games with violence in it! They think we'll turn into big murderers or something if we play games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. It's stupid! They think that violent video games cause all these murders and school shootings. So by that logic, if I play Madden, will I become a professional NFL player then?

Not true! I don't copy video games in real life after playing them. After playing Roblox: Jailbreak, I never ran around robbing banks and shooting cops. After playing Halo and Call of Duty, I never shot or stabbed people. After playing Fortnite, I never ran around shooting people and dancing on them.

12 They won't let you watch certain videos on YouTube

When videos of babies and children come up on YouTube, my parents think that I'm either watching child pornography or that due to the videos popping up, people will think that they are child molesters/abusing children. what!

I started watching YouTube videos when I was like 8 or 9, then my parents banned me from watching it until I was like 12 or 13. I am so glad now I don't have to deal with strict parenting rules since I'm 18.

Bruh my dad doesn't care how old I am, he thinks videos with swear words are suitable for 18+, I ain't going to wait until I'm above 18, once I get my own Vehicle I will retire from my family.

13 They overreact when you touch something dirty
14 They make you feel a lot younger than your classmates

In my case, it's a sibling. My mom is overprotective of me, but not my younger sister. I'm 26, and she's 19. My mom allows her to cook on the stove unsupervised, hang out with friends, and go places unsupervised. Would she allow me to do any of that? NO WAY! >:(

I'm about 16 years old, but feel like I'm about 12 or 13.

15 They won't let you do chores, even if you want to, because they don't trust you with the money they know they will have to pay you.

My parents are overprotective. They actually FORCE me to do chores; they just don't pay me for doing them because they want to save money (they're Asian)

16 They won't let you be yourself

I don't see why this isn't number one, think about it.

17 They think that eating more healthy food can cause health problems

My family thinks that I will get diarrhea from eating too much fruit

18 They are superstitious

My parents are Asian and they believe in and enforce many Asian superstitions and they force me to go along with them. For example the 7th month on the lunar calendar (Late July-early August depending on the year) it's considered as "ghost month" where Asians strongly believe that no one should be out in public after sundown or else ghosts will haunt you, so if we go anywhere for vacation during ghost month we MUST be home by sundown, NO EXCEPTIONS.

My parents are so superstitious. No cutting nails after sunset, no cutting nails or hair on Tuesdays ( because I was born on a Tuesday ) , a cat should not cross your path, a pig shouldn't enter the house, we can't cook non veg in the house on Saturdays, I always have to tie my hair except for when I'm washing it or getting a haircut and the list goes on and on. Guess it's normal in India.

19 They confine you in the house all the time

During the summer of 2016 I got sunburnt WAY too easily to the point that my mom was so paranoid about me getting burnt that she downright refused to let me step out of the house for even one second.

It was miserable. I felt like I was in prison.

20 They won't let you watch "violent" or "weird" shows/animes

I love horror movies, but my mom doesn't allow me to watch anything that features murdering or killing because she thinks that I will copy them. SERIOUSLY?

Funny thing is that the Annabelle movies feature murdering/killing and I'm allowed to watch those.

21 They won't explain properly

Why I hat my parents is because they never actually helped when I asked them to, they just tell me what to do and when I ask y they say because I said so,which is trashy parenting!

22 They think that being outdoors for 1 second will lead to a bad sunburn

During the summer months whenever we go out in public my mom forces me to hold a napkin up to my face and cover my mouth and nose with it. This started in 2016 when my skin got so bad. I don't like that at all. Not only will people might give me weird stares and I get embarrassed from it, they also probably will think that I have a disease or something.

23 They won't let you spend the night at friend's houses

I'm not even aloud to stay at friends houses after 9.. I also get made fun of at school because of this...

24 They always want to know about your friends

Me: guess what? I made a new friend named Alexa
Mom: Alexa? Where does she live? What are her parents' jobs? How tall is she? What's her race? What's her sexuality?

25 They don’t let you have a social life

Once in college 1 of my classmates invited the whole class to hang out over the weekend with her. I told my mom and asked for permission to go. My mom said no :(

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