Top 10 Fanbases That Should Be Banned from Commenting On TheTopTens


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21 Rosalina Fans

It's really annoying to find these preaching comments on Rosalina. "She's a goddess! " "She's pretty! " SHUT UP

There needs to be a disease that wipes out these turds.

The crazy ones yeah - ParkerFang

22 Donald Trump Supporters

For obvious reasons - PerfectImpulseX

23 Icarly Fans
24 Princess Daisy Fans

The crazy ones yeah - ParkerFang

I hate them

"Rosalina replaced Daisy and I'm gonna criii"
Yes please ban these brats - yunafreya648

25 Cartoon Fans
26 Miraculous Ladybug Haters V 1 Comment
27 Dove Cameron Fans

Pretty much the same thing as Liv and Maddie fans. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

28 Hillary Clinton Fangirls

They pretty much run the list "Top Ten Things That Should Be Banned" along with the Clinton Fanboys and Sanders Fans. Liberal Democrats, really. That list is probably the most offensive thing on here, claiming and preaching tolerance yet they actively bash anyone who doesn't perfectly fit their mold and they base it on generalizations and stereotypes. And not even coherently half the time at that. Way to practice what you preach, you pricks.

29 ISIS Supporters
30 Fallout Fans
31 Mixels Fanbase
32 Rock Fans
33 Star Wars Fans
34 Twilight Fans
35 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans
36 Adam Sandler Fans
37 Bernie Bros
38 Danny Phantom Fans

Why so many hate to this fan base I have met some DP fans and they were not rude and I never met a rude DP fan I once was typing comment about me liking it and was disrespected by someone

39 Dora Fans
40 The Loud House fans
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