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21 Gypsy Bard

This is just awesome! Sad lyrics to a happy tune actually fits Pinkie Pie really well! It really gets stuck in your head.

BEST SONG Super catchy and super upbeat. You can't go wrong with the good old Gypsy bard. Even my seven year old sis likes it! So many good videos have been blessed with this song and its byfar the best fanmade song yet.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES! Sherclop ponies are so cool, Funny videos, great music, it's just amazing how they change the original show, making it seem real right down to the voice actors.

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22 Smile HD

I am officially, ADDICTED! Yes, the content's pretty bad, but the song is REALLY catchy.No one can NOT agree to that. - ilar9118

23 Come Little Children

It's cool I watched the Luna one it was amaze me and my friends played a similar game to the song that included the song at school totally kid friendly.

This isn't even the name of the song what idiot put this up -.-

I hummed this to my baby Bro and he Fell asleep! Hahaa!
I know what lullaby he likes

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24 Pegasus Device

Why is this in 24?! It's the best fanmade song ever!

Awesome song! can't believe its at number 30!

I love that instrumental near the end, I think it's some sort of electric organ? Whatever the instrument is, it sounds awesome! And the hints of Rainbow Factory and Awoken at the end are a great touch ^^ This song is way too awesome for words! I can't understand why it's at #29!

25 Pinkie's Brew

Surprisingly sad, but an amazing song altogether. - darkskylash

Ill cook up a solution with the knowladge that this song rocks! I've listened to it a lot and it never gets old

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26 Remix Apple Apple Apple

Yes number gold

Not much to say with this, just great animations and catchy beat. Also, suprisedvpicture perfect pony isn't on here as well.

27 How Applejack Won the War

A Sherclop ponies production. A little more violent than what they normally do, but very catchy beat.


28 Lullaby for the Princess

I can't BELIVE THs soNG is all THE way down heRE...the song is wonderful and supercatchy. The new music video is so well done and The song is a full seven minutes yet it doesn't get old. Come on people vote for the good... This song is great to listen to and it is super catchy to listen to. I don't think I've seen a fan made song or pmv so well done and so wonderful I can't even put into words... I totaly recomand listening to this song and watching the animation if you haven't yet already.

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29 Cupcakes
30 September V 2 Comments
31 Loyalty

One of my favorite songs that represent Rainbow Dash.

My favourite musician makes my favourite brony song.

32 Lost On the Moon

No one ever think of this? Wasn't this song one of the greatest? I love this song so much it's stuck in my head and it was so hard to concentrate ^^' Anyway, if you never heard of this please do listen!

33 Pfudor (Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows) V 1 Comment
34 Twilight's Journey - Ponyphonic
35 It'll Be Okay

Tgis song is underrated. It's a great song and catchy too. I suggest you vote for this song and listen to it off YouTube.

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36 Friendship
37 Hush
38 Faster Than You Know
39 Derpy's Lullaby

Shown first I believe by love struck Derpy, could be wrong. Awesome sound, and sweet lyrics.

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40 Good Ol' Days

I like it happiest song living tombstone has ever made

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