Lucy Heartfillia


Lucy is personally my favorite female in fairy tail. Yes I do believe that it is a VERY tough choice between her and erza. I can see how lucy got 2nd seeing as outside of the anime her and Erza have a little rivalry over who is the best between their group of fans unbeknownest to them. I would be one of those people who is stuck in the middle because I really love both of them. But in the end I would probably end up going to Lucy's side. - lucyheartfilia615

I really love Lucy. From me, Lucy may not the strongest but she is strong emotionally.. She teach me that even though we're weak, we can still fight for our friends. Also, she teach me that we still can be kind towards everybody including our own enemy. I truly admired her since mostly of the celestial mage treat their celestial spirit like some kind of object, but she sees them as her friends and fight alongside them instead of making them as her shield.. Also, I love how she acts like she doesn't care about her father but she did actually really care about his well being. It makes me remind of my relationship with my father.. From me, she is my most favorite anime girl (aside from Erza, which I had a hard time choosing since the both of them are really great character! )

Lucy is one of the saner and more stable members of Fairy Tail, having common sense that other members of the guild seem to lack. She consistently points out Natsu's and others' idiocy. Lucy is also very confident in her appearance and sexiness, exuding a certain amount of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, Lucy is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail. She is a member of the Heartphilia family, one of the richest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Fiore. However, due to her estranged relationship with her father and the death of her mother, she left home to follow her own path. - sh8_mu

To be honest I hated her in the beginning, as how she did not leave a very good first impression, bragging about being a wizard and flaunting her sex appeal. Now, while she is still quite annoying, she has become such a strong person and fighter, and is kind (although she's always been kind), smart in ways other than just book smart like she was in the beginning, and caring for her friends. However, she wouldn't be second on my list, but maybe 5th or 6th

I think Lucy is a very strong-willed girl. In my opinion she's number one on my list because of how she puts others before herself. I think Lucy is strong in her own way. Lucy has been through quite a lot of pain through her life but she stayed strong! I think Lucy has a very pure heart! But on things that kind of saddens me is how fans are competing who's better and who's not! Like how it is with Erza and Lucy. I really like them both and I don't want to have to choose between them cause they're all unique in there way! But I think Lucy as number 1 on my list.

Lucy has an amazing kind of magic. I mean, summoning spirits from another world is so awesome. Some people think of her as weak, but she only screams and cries at times so we can actually sympathize with her. I mean, all the things that she's been through, is what tons of people wouldn't even survive a minute of it. She has ten of the Zodiac keys which is practically the most any Celestial Mage has ever had. She also has the ability to Star Dress, which seems like one of the modt ultimate Celestial spells. Especially her Taurus Star Dress, which makes her super strong. She is also a kind person who cares about her spirits and friends so much.

While I appreciate that other members of fairy tail are stronger than her, I believe lucy is up there with the strongest. Not only does she have 9 of the 12 zodiac keys she is also proficient with her whip, and able to perform feats no other celestial Mage has ever been able to. When people say she is weak, they do not seem to remember all the times she has knocked out gray and natsu, defeated a dark guild, defeated bickslow, and her glare is just as scary as Erza's. I also think she is the prettiest girl in fairy tail and definitely on par strength-wise with people such as Julia locks ear and lisanna Strauss.

Lucy is awesome! She's my favorite character! She is so kind and forgiving. She's probably the most forgiving character in fairy tail. Like, for example, in the manga later on, Minerva apologized to Lucy for hurting her at the Grand Magic Games, and Lucy automatically forgave her (with a smile on her face). And later on in the manga, Lucy gets EXTREMELY powerful! I also love Lucy because she's so funny and sweet.

Lucy is literally the sweetest girl ever. She loves all of her Celestial Spirits genuinely and the fact that she fights on their side to help them out is so sweet. Although she may not be of help at times, she truly gives it her all when something is on the line. She loves the guild, and the guild loves her back.

I don't believe lucy should be before Juvia yes she summoned all her spirits at once and she has a kind heart and she is kind of pretty but to say shes stronger than Juvia, Mirajane, and Lisanna that's kinda pushing it too far. I'm sorry but I strongly believe that lucy should be after all those girls listed before and your is way stronger as well and you must admit wendy has evolved as well and master mavis is as the bottom too? This is crazy lucy doesn't deserve this spot I'm sorry.

If you check out the most annoying female anime characters, lucy is #7 on the list, they put so many hate comments on how she can't do squat, while I'm looking at those comments thinking about all the times she saved the guild. I mean, at the beginning she was kind of annoying, but now she's pretty powerful and cool, I guess haters are always gonna hate.

Lucy is very, very strong not like erza though. See her magic is for those who don't learn a magic and with this she is very powerful. She could do the river of 88 stars and that is pretty powerful. This in my opinion is number 1. If erza is superior to the public let that be.

She's beautiful, caring and strong. She loves everyone and values her comrades and specially her celestial spirits. I like her the most because she's the one who supports the guild and give them strength with the help of her team mates.

It's tough to choose between Erza and Lucy. Both are capable (and good looking) women, but I have to side with Lucy on this one.

She's more relatable of the two. It's not everyday you get taken away, forced to build a tower, then when you finally escape your best guy friend (that you have a crush on) turns on you because some nine-year old is manipulating him.

Lucy's magic is not all about magic power, though that does play a huge roll in it. Her magic is strongly based on kindness and caring. She needs to have a strong bond with her spirits. I feel like that makes her strong.

(Spoiler for Tartarus arc) When Mard-Geer (or whatever) did that spell thingy, Lucy was the only one who survived it. Though that is pure luck, it's not pure luck summoning 3 spirits to fight for her friends. Not only that but she made a sacrifice. Erza's sacrifice was on a whim almost. It's like she didn't feel anything when she made that decision. Lucy was crying when she sacrificed ...more

I always liked Lucy, though Wendy is second. I thing its because of that she is smart and has a mothering side to her, you know sweet and kind but is scary when someone is being a "Natsu" or "Gray". She is willing to protect her family members in the guild even though she knows that she isn't very strong.

Lucy is the first anime female character I saw, so she's special. But that's not my reason why she's my favorite, I actually have no idea she's my favorite, but she just seems so unique and kind, brave, caring, and forgiving

I love luce she may not be powerful but she had a reason and that is she never had a master because her mom died she could not develop her power faster. And she was always in prison in her own home. You may all say that lucy is weak but wait until she gets her power even crazier. don't believe me but she could have the power to defeat erza or natsu. But again she never had some one teaching her magic

Erza is really hard to beat but I choose Lucy not just because she is plain adorable but also because even though she is weaker than the others she still fights and does her best for her friends. I love Erza too but she already has so many fans and so Lucy is the one.

Lucy heartfilia. A celestial spirit Mage who tries her best even thought she isn't as strong as her friends. Intelligent, friendly, sweet, pretty, stubborn, hardworking, will do anything for her friends even if it means she's gonna get hurt herself. Even though her past has caused her so much tears she is strong and forgiving.

She is sort of a main character in the first series and I'm always skipping to the parts when Lucy is involved. I love Lucy so much, besides from the fact that she is pretty, she has amazing personality traits and a hardworking sort of was of life.

Lucy is my favorite. She shown that she has a lot of potential and I love how she treats her sprits. She is smart, cute, strong, determined, and caring and I love her for it.

Lucy should be above juvia she is stronger than juvia she can use the star dress magic too she looks so awesome and is sexy she changes her dress and hairstyle very often she have got great looks than erza too

She is the strongest fairy tail female mage if u have read the manga her star dress makes her super strong (celestial spirit king star dress) it can kill all.

Lucy definitely has great potential. In one years time, she had gained a new ability (changing forms based on her Spirits). So basically in one year she had gained a brand new ability, while others like Erza or Elfman has not gained any known new abilities. - Resu

"I am a fan of Lucy Heartfilia. She is smart, beautiful, sweet, brave and optimistic. I love how she shows care and concern to others even they are her enemies (Flare, Coco, Brandish..etc.) She is not even raised to be a fighter but she is willing to stand up in danger and fight along with her comrades.