Favorite Female Fairy Tail Characters

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41 Asuka Connell

She's cute

42 Plue
43 Michelle Lobster V 2 Comments
44 Coco
45 Shagotte
46 Jenny Realight

She is super pretty but too sexy

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47 Sherry Blendy

She is to cute. I love her 2 new designs she is a truly loving character who should fight more often and her magic is cool

I love Sherry she is so cute. I love all hers cloths

Didn't like her at first, she's okay now though

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48 Risley Law Risley Law


49 Natsu

Because we all know he's the best girl

Well he and Gray crossdressed at Mermaid Heel in one episode, so...

What does pink hair have to do with gender?

Natsu is not a girl.

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50 Kinana V 1 Comment
51 Beth Vanderwood
52 Kyouka
53 Lamy
54 Marl
55 Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster

To the person who thought I couldn't tell if Gray was male or female, you obviously couldn't tell the difference between a joke and a real comment. Get off your phone or computer and get some fresh air.

He could be a girl if he wanted to!

Um he's not female...

Gray = Best Girl

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56 Libra

She doesn't speak for sure.. But she is cool. :3 - Eva-san

57 Edolas Juvia V 1 Comment
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