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21 MakoGou

Makoto and Gou are so cute together, and matches one another dangerously well. Makoto is the tall, calm, musular leader of the swim team. While Gou is the short, outgoing, short and feminin helper to the team. And... gosh, they are cute :D

They compliment each other like Gou is loud while Mako is more calm. While Gou goes all her way, Makoto will surely support her no matter what. I dunno their tandem's like Mother and Father. Mako being the Mother and Gou is the Father. 😂

22 SouMakoKisu
23 KisuHaru

I actually SERIOUSLY ship these two together haha...sorry Makoto you can go with Sousuke or whoever instead.

It's because of a) their past history together (WATCH THE MOVIE BRO) and b) how Kisumi takes Mako away (INTERPRETED AS ATTEMPTING TO MAKE HARU JEALOUS) lastly c) the way their personalities blend together is pretty much perfect and both of them are hot damn so

24 Mihobe

I mean they're the only two adults in pretty much the entire show they deserve some love in their life they should get together

25 RinGou
26 NagiGou
27 Naruhina
28 SouGou

Love them after watched the ova

29 MakoChi

Makoto and Chigusa are a good pairing that is male/ female..don't get me wrong I ship makoharu any day I am just saying haru with Gou and Makoto and chigusa by the best friend aspect..maybe I seem crazy to you.

30 Momogisa
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