Whereas Makoharu is an earnest, selfless, and sturdy type of relationship, Rinharu is vibrant, turbulent, and full of unsuspecting events that contrast against one another. Like waves of a storm; they are drawn towards each other, but often times ending in crashes and breaks the shore. This love is dramatically woven to an extent that they cannot survive without the other, yet still acting uncaring and prideful. In contrary to Makoharu - where the relationship is sliding more towards the result of many years of marriage, Rinharu marks the beginning of a adolescent one, when none knew how to love and when they didn't know how it would end, where it would lead, and what they wanted out of it. This pairing is very mercurial, suspending, and volatile. It's the start of learning to love, it's a burst of hot flames here and there - wavering but powerful. It's when emotions ruled their relationship, where a single word can change everything. How they have to learn to accept than deny. This ...more

This is possibly one of the most incredible ships in exsistence. Actually, never mind, it IS the most incredible ship. Their bond is like no other, and no other bond can come NEARLY as close and as devoted as Rin and Haru. They care about each other so much, that they would stop doing something that they devote themselves to for the other person's sake. Heck, they would give up their future as swimmers to help the other. Why do I say that, you ask? Well the answer is simple: remember when Rin quit swimming after he raced Haru before he left for Australia? Haru stopped swimming competitively because he didn't want to hurt anyone, especially Rin. So from then on, he had stopped swimming competitively. At least, until the magical day they had reunited. Yes, Rin was a jerk to him, Makoto, and Nagisa, but did Haru really seem to care? No, he just went on with racing Rin. Now that's some deep stuff right there if you ask me.

These two are definitely the best! It's obvious that they both care about each other deeply, from the way they look at each other to the fact that Haru was devastated when Rin said that he'd never swim with him again. Also, Rin's obsession of only swimming with and racing Haru, and his despair when he thought he could never do that again. They are comfortable together and share a bond that are stronger than the ones they have to any of their friends. Even when Rin didn't want to be close to Haru, Haru still worried for him and was prepared to forgive him for everything. I mean, he ran after him when Rin had lost his race even though Rin had been a jerk before, and Rin regretted what he'd said.

Rin and Haru have a bond so intense, heated, and overwhelming they just don't know how to deal with it, so they fight and hurt each other. Because a bond so unbreakable, so passionate, is hard to control.

The impact they have on each other lives are incredible, in less than 3 months, when they had 11, they installed something so deep that even in high school, even after Rin's breakdown, even after Haru stopped swimming because of rin's breakdown, they still had it.

They fight a lot, they can't understand each other perfectly like Makoto for Haru or Sosuke for Rin, they are so different from each other. But it's exactly why I can't see passion in any other couples in free! Which include them. For me, it would mean ignoring what they really feel to ship them with somebody else ( especially Haru).

Haru's life without Rin is boring, grey, monotonous. Haru can't live without Rin, he tried during his entire middle school, and ended up living swimming because he hurt Rin ...more

I feel like they were made for each other. I see a spark between the two that I don't see in MakoHaru. I only see Makoto and Haru as best friends. I feel like Rin and Haru will grow up and start dating and Makoto is the best friend there to comfort Haru when Rin and Haru get into a fight or just to hang out sometimes. I also see Sousuke dating Makoto and being an overprotective best friend to Rin. Same goes for Sousuke, too. But I do notice that Sousuke had/has feelings for Rin and Makoto had/has feelings for Haru. I just think there's a better chance of RinHaru happening and I feel that because Rin and Haru didn't like them back, Makoto and Sousuke could start dating. See? Everything works out in the end.

Personally, these two represent everything I think romance should be - love that inspires, love that has as much power to tear down as it does to heal, love that reveals you but also fires you up. It's not just that Rin and Haru make each other better people despite having so much danger of being incredible hurtful to each other (and they are incredibly hurtful to each other before they finally sort out their misunderstandings), or that they bring out so many emotions in each other that nothing or no one else does, it's that they want to be with each other, against all odds.

Indeed! At the end of the day, it is Rin and Haruka that inspire each other the most and help each other grow for the better; Rin and Haruka that changed each others' lives and pushed each other towards a common dream for the future. :3 - rhfrfr

I've shipped them since the very first episode, I love how much they influence each other and how much mean to each other despite having spent very little time together as kids - barely what, two months? Yet the effect they have on one another is so profound that Haru still remembers Rin's words years later, and neither of them can ever forget the joy of swimming together with friends, but most importantly with one another.

I love the way that they inspire each other to change and improve themselves. I love how passionate they are together. I love that they had to struggle and fight in order to get where they are now. I love that their relationship isn't perfect and that they're not perfect people. I think their relationship is beautiful and dynamic. They're irreplaceable to each other and they need each other to grow.

I love how they're opposites and yet compliment each other so well. They have such great tension and dynamic. Their relationship - whether platonic or romantic - is so passionate and they went through so much to be friends again. They always seem to be learning new things about each other and do their best to make the other happy after all the drama and that's what I really love about this ship.

I simply love the way they complete each other, the sparkle that's in their eyes every time their glances meet: Rin awakes something in Haruka that is normally silent, and Haruka helps Rin finding his old self. It doesn't matter Rin might be an idiot and speak the opposite of what he feels, Haruka had always been patiently waiting for him, being helped by his friends. If for Haruka Rin wasn't important, he wouldn't have let such an annoying child close to him, wouldn't he?

I think these two are connected since their first meeting, no matter what. Time passes, distance increases and they still long for each other - isn't this just perfect?

I love the effect they have on each other! They are mutually drawn to each other despite being so different, and I like how there are so many different sides to their relationship. It's difficult to even compare to the type of relationship these two have. They are both irreplaceable people in each other's lives.

I love their interaction; the way they push each other and just how much they can affect each other without noticing. Really, I think it's a ship that sails itself, and that's always a good thing.

Haru obtained the motivation to swim thanks to Rin. Haru found his true dream thanks to Rin. Rin is obsessed with Haru. Rin has set Haru as his goal. They pay a lot of attention to each other and consider each other closer than other members of the two clubs. Enough said. They should live happily together.

RinHaru is obviously canon. Why else would Rin tell almost his whole family about how amazing Haru is, he went into detail with his caretakers in Australia saying how he has crystal clear blue eyes instead of saying that he has blue eyes. Also Rin's caretakers told Haru how Rin talked about him every single day! Rin also helped Haru find his dream which makoto wasn't able to do. This is my opinion, Rinharu is better than Makoharu. End. Of. Story.

It's the most beautiful ship I've ever shipped and it sails itself. I love their relationship so, so much.

I think rin and haru its an awesome paring for many reasons. First, its Obvious that the anime is all about rin and haruka.. the op and ed song are both rinharu. They have a really close bond. The prof is that even haru quit swimming because he didn't want to hart rin any more and make him cry. Even if it means giving up swimming. Rin show him a new way of looking at many things. And made him accepte the team and friendship. Even is, mako is haru best friend. Rin show him many staff mako didn't. And even if I'm ok with every shiping (and I am. Ship what ever you like) you must admit makoharu is more like a best friend kind of thing. While the main paring is rin haru. Plus if you don't ship them only because its complicated and haru and rin both need someone who can take care of them. Isn't the best to keep watching and see how both of them overcome their problems. And be happy. RINHARU IS LOVE.

It's simply the most complete ship in the series. Rivalry, angst, fluff... The show literally gravitates around their relationship, about how despite being so different (no, /because/ of that), they are to each other the person who turned their worlds upside down. Irreplaceable.

Do I need to say anything more? Rinharu speaks for itself

Rinharu is perfect because rin and haru complement each other. Rin brings passion and emotion into Haru's life which Makoto couldn't ever do.

They're just meant for each other. It's obvious Haru has feelings for Rin because without Rin Haru would never have started swimming again. When Rin went to Australia Haru was heart broken. Haru is in love with Rin, and Rin is in love with Haru

There's something about the way they are drawn to each other, there's nothing "rational" about it, it's an emotional, instinctual, impossible to fight magnetism

Well basically haru loves swimming and swimming is his life and the reason why he swims is for rin and the reason why he did not swim was for rin as well CANON

They shared a lot of emotions together, they grew up together. Haru, later in the series, went out of his way to make sure Rin kept swimming, they even went to Australia together and shared the same bed.

They're meant for each other. Without Haruka, Rin is overstressed and volatile; I honestly think he could be diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Without Rin, Haruka is doing nothing with his life - he's sitting in a bathtub waiting to get older, but when Rin shows up, within five minutes he's vivified and talking about how "maybe being normal can wait a few years". They don't just bring out the best in each other, they bring out /everything/ in each other.

If Rin didn't have Seijuurou, Nitori, Kou, et cetera, he could still live his life. If Haruka didn't have Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, et cetera, he would be fine. But when they don't have each other? Well, let's be real here: they're lost.