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1 Sailor Venus Sailor Venus Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi.

Venus is my second favorite of the Sailor Soldiers, she's beautiful looking and has a great personality, she's funny, kind, caring, clumsy and tough and determined too. Plus I'm like her in ways too, I collect plush and play video games. - SailorSedna

She is no doubt the greatest female anime character of all time! I love her so much, she is so beautiful inside and out.(SHE IS ALSO MY GIRLIE)

She's strong, but she's funny too! I also admire how she wants to be a pop star when she grows up, because I love music.

Her boyfriend is so cute so lucky venus is the best

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2 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

Sailor moon is the main and the strongest yet prettiest character in my opinion! She is kind and always help people in danger! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! SHE'S MY HERO!

She's annoying, cries a lot. But what a wonderful person! She's so lovely in almost every aspect. She'll do anything for her friends even if it means sacrificing herself.

Even though she is clumsy and sometimes airhead she is a great friend and a nice person in general. I always wished I could look like her. And I like how she grows trough seasons.

She's my favorite sailor scout, Sailor moon. Jemela Bacchus's favorite
Sailor scout, Sailor Moon. I have a
Sailor moon costume that'll fit me.

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3 Sailor Mars Sailor Mars Rei Hino, better known as Sailor Mars, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.

She's probably the most realistic, and she actually looks Japanese. Her hair is beautiful, and I admire her fierce and loving personality. Go Mars!

I had the biggest crush on her when I was 12... Reached puberty during a transformation sequence.

I don't like fire in any other cartoon, movie, etc. Sailor Mars is just bada$$

I think Mars had some of the best character devolopment during the series, Rei is a wonderful character and one I downright adore.

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4 Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter

She's beautiful, strong, confident, and looks like a supermodel!

I kinda look like her. Hee...hee..

I Love Sailor jupiter. She's strong and beautiful.

She's awesome, She's super tough and strong!

This girl kicks butt! She is so my favorite! ;D

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5 Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercury

She's not annoying like Moon or Mars, or idiots like Jupiter or Venus, she behaves good, she's the most level-headed sailor of the group, and she's so lovely, cute, beautiful, her haircut is such a thing of beauty. Literally there's no bad thing on her, simply perfect.

She is so awesome! I admired her so much when I was young! She so smart and knows everything! It's her nerdy akwardness that I really love, because I can very much relate. If she wasn't on the team, everyone would be pretty much dead.

She's Smart and beautiful. - egnomac

Sailor Mercury is probably my favorite anime character, I admit I had a crush on her when I first saw her (her hair is pretty too). She's cute, calm, mature, kind, caring, motherly and even goofy and silly at times! I even have some of her traits, blue is my favorite color, I was good at studying at school and got good grades (not straight As though), I like sandwiches and reading, I love swimming, and I admittedly get nervous and a bit shy when talking about love, and sometimes put my hands to my chin when thinking about something.

Also her water attacks are very beautiful and cool. Sure her Shabon Spray may be "weak", but it still serves as a distraction to enemies and chills them, she grows stronger once she gets her "Shine Aqua Illusion" and "Mercury Star Power" power-up.

I can't forget her computer and goggles, those are cool too. - SailorSedna

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6 Sailor Saturn Sailor Saturn

SHE'S THE LITERAL GODDESS OF DEATH! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? And she only appeared in 9 episodes. A great character wasted - SugarcoatShadowBolt

Shes back in sailor moon crystal season iii

Saturn deserves to be in the top 5 at least please help Saturn fans

"She is the reason that made me love anime."

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7 Sailor Neptune Sailor Neptune

She's so graceful and elegant! Good swimmer, painter, violinist, not to mention her mind-bowing beauty.

She is my favorite character in sailor moon her face her looks... She looks so graceful!

See through my eyes she is the best character. And she is my zodiac.

Neptune is the best Outer Senshi, and my favorite out of those three, she's beautiful, elegant, is a great swimmer, painter and violinist. She's also funny and sly, but even very kind too.

I'm talking about her in the original anime, unfortunately she's bland in Crystal and in the manga. - SailorSedna

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8 Usagi Tsukino Usagi Tsukino

She is the best my number 1

Sailor moon is awesome

9 Sailor Pluto Sailor Pluto

she had like, the LONGEST hair of all of them - Celestius

Heck, she is so much like me! I am going to dye my hair green because of her.

Deserves a larger role, she's so beautiful.

She is like my clone! I want to cosplay as her

10 Haruka Tenou

She is awesome! I don't know why so many people dislike her.

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11 Artemis V 2 Comments
12 Queen Beryl
13 Tuxedo Mask

Mamoru is fine in the 90's anime though that whole break up thing wasn't done too well, but he's a bland Gary Stu in Crystal. - SailorSedna

Sailor moon needs a better boyfriend who doesn't break her heart

Tuxedo mask is an ass


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14 Luna

I like luna she is one of my favorite characters on sailor moon.I like her attitude when it comes to Usagi.

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15 Michiru Kaiou

Sailor Neptune is my favorite so naturally she is my favorite to

16 Minako Aino

Only because I like sailor Venus, because she is the prettiest(I think it personally), I like her blondie hair!

17 Sailor Uranus Sailor Uranus

She doesn't "switch" genders. She's a lesbian who happens to be a tomboy and dress boyish. She can't "change" genders. Only the starlights do that.

She is the coolest person ever! She's a lot like me except I don't switch genders and I don't have a girlfriend

Sailor Uranus is my favorite Sailor! I wish she was on the show more. She's such an inspirational character!


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18 Hotaru Tomoe
19 Rei Hino
20 Andrew
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