Top Ten Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh GX Characters

I'm making this list cause it hasn't been made on here yet and I love this series!

The Top Ten

1 Jaden Yuki

JADEN YUKI IS LIFE! He so funny! He always duels with his heart no matter what. GO JADEN!

Jaden Yuki all the way! Screw the likes of Yuma (Yugioh! Zexal)!

People and their LONG description

The Main Protagonist Jaden with his Elemental Hero and Neo Space Deck.

Better Get Your Game Om cause the Duel isn't over till the last Card is played

He can See Duel spirits and has the power of the Supreme King also he can apparently see the inner spirits of people. No one knew what to think if this kid who came late to his entrance exams and was forced to duel Crowler instead of and easier opponent. He pulled off a massive upset over the Weird ( man I think) teacher which gained him a lot of attention for others and many doubters. From that day one he kept proving others wrong and improving the people thoughts of him time and time again. He has shown he's do anything to help a friend and is willing to forgive even the craziest of people. His spirit and passion for duelling in very cool to see. For a long time Duelling to him was nothing but fun times and a game ( even having a fun time duelling in a Shadow Duel).

Until later on when more duels he fought the more ...more - Curti2594

2 Alexis Rhodes Alexis Rhodes

This attractive & strong female Duelist is one of the most talented on Duel Academy. She's also overly Popular and she's everyone's eye candy. She's also a really almost perfect student she rarely causes trouble.

Shes has many Female Warriors and Ritual Cards. She is quite the smart Duelist too. I'd want to have her support if I ever was in a duel and needed help.

She doesn't have many downsides other than her popularity ( even if she doesn't acknowledge it too often)

She's always supporting her friends but she can also get very angry and depressed.

She is quite fond of Jaden since she first saw him make waves in the school and beat her in a forced duel in comeback fashion and in the last 2 seasons she's really looking out for him even when he's beating himself up. Oh also cause Jaden saves her darkness ridden Brother Atticus from the control of the shadows.

In Season 4 Alexis wasn't sure what she would does after graduating but it took a Tag Duel ...more - Curti2594

3 Chazz Princeton

He might be a little arrogant, but he is an amazing duelist. If I ever could, I would make a reboot of GX with Chazz as the main character who is super nice and selfless. At the end of the show Alexis would kiss him.

He is an arrogant winner



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4 Bastion Misawa V 1 Comment
5 Tyranno Hassleberry

This Dinosaur Blooded Sargent Duelist we met in the 2nd season but he's become a really important Character.

Cool fact he actually has Dinosaur DNA in his body cause in his leg there is a dino Bone. Hasselberry's bullying was were put to a halt by Jaden and it seems to change Him for the best cause he looked at Jaden as a true friend and a hero. His Downsides are He speaks and acts like a Army Sargent nearly all the time and he's so loud. Also he always talks how he'll exact revenge on an enemy but often time he backs down.

He eventually becomes a very strong minded and very reliable soldier of sorts for The Duel Academy when is came under The Duel ghouls and the dimension change. He's a natural born leader and with his din senses he's one heck of a awesome duelist.

He's shown little interest in love though at times he'll comment about girls

Important Cards Black Tyranno, Ultimate Tyranno, Gilasaurus, Dark Driceratops. Black Stego, Jurassic World, Big ...more - Curti2594

6 Zane Truesdale

This guy in Japan is known as Kaiser Ryo for being the top Duelist at Duel academy. But to GX Fans We know him a Zane Truesdale older brother of Syrus and during the first season of getting to know him he Dueled with respect and an amazing deck where if played right he could get a first turn win. His deck was without a doubt the most impressive deck during the first season. He also was one of the very few Duelists who beat Jaden in a duel. When zane had his graduation duel he chose Jaden to be his opponents and even though Jaden at first was trying to duel but not be the Jaden Zane first fought. Jaden realized he was taking the duel way to serious and Zane snapped him out of it and they finished with a classic last part of the duel. Zane has always been a silent person when he's not dueling. He's looked at as the King of Duel academy and everyone idolized him.

After he graduated his pro dueling career started good but eventually his luck changed and it led him into a tailspin ...more - Curti2594

7 Jim (Crocodile) Cook

Well Hello there Mate. That's how Jim Greets most people. Coming from South Academy and a transfer, Now Jim Cook is a very unique character. For a few reasons, He's got a pet/partner Crocodile name Shirley who he's protected for his entire life from poachers and gained her trust.

He uses Shirley to figure out if he can trust someone depending how she reacts to them. She can also sense weird vibrations in the ground which has helped big time when Viper was causing energy drainage.

Now he also have a unique power called the eye of Orichalcum which had to do with a comet & it can give him the ability to look into people's Mind and soul and whats happening within. He gained this power by risking his life to save Shirley from a trap and fell into a river. He used this power to try and reach into Jaden mind when he was at the time the Supreme King and the darkness was at it's strong point. Jim had helped the Eye covered in bandage until the time was right and that was now so ...more - Curti2594

8 Syrus Truesdale

His deck is good he even beat jaden once!

I do not remember much of it, but that is an ass

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9 Jesse Anderson

This Special Kid named Jesse has a unique bond with his Cards and spirits. He Treats his Cards known as the super rare Crystal beasts cards like a Family he duels in a way which protects his beast from the graveyard. He usually always brings them back to the field. There that and his beats special ability that when they are attacked they will stay on the field in the spell and trap zone shaped like crystals to in which leads to a crazy strong power. Jessie's Dueling skills are technically better but very similar to Jaden. In ways of his love for duelling even in dangerous situations and having a spirit follow him just like Jaden Called Ruby. He's got a southern accent and charm to him which makes him very noticeable but in a good way. Rumour has it the Crystal beast card chose him Pegasus noticed this himself and had Jessie obtain the cards. He acquired all but the one most powerful Crystal in which hadn't been made yet at the time until much later when Jesse and friends were stuck in ...more - Curti2594

10 Ashter Phoenix

Best duelist for a short part of the series defeated jaden and zane,awesome deck, insane duels, overall amazing character

his downside is that he losses importance in the third season and that he lost to the-chazz (other awesome character)

important cards : destiny hero plasma, destiny hero Malicious, destiny hero doom lord and destiny end dragon

closest allies - jaden (after their second duel ) sartorius, syrus (kinda)

His deck is pretty original

Defeated zane

The Contenders

11 Chumley Huffington

One of the most underrated characters

Well all I can say is This guy has Lisichus skill for designing Card and Skiil for eating Grilled cheese and he's not a terrible Duelist by any means, but Chumley lacks in the motivation department and isn't a good student as in he was held back due to his grades. He's a very big guy with a good heart when it comes to his Designing and his love for his Koala Cards. Eventually after Jaden and Syrus came along he started doing a lot more then just being a lazy student. He was having a lot of fun with his new friends but then after a call to Sheppard it was discovered that's Chumley's Hot Sauce working Dad was coming to the island to take his son back home cause he wasn't doing good enough with his grades. So Jaden decided to give Chumley a hand in the duel against his dad where if he lost he'd be force to leave Duel academy. Chumley showed he's not a pushover dueller but he still couldn't beat his dad but before Chumley was saying goodbye his dad left a note saying he sees how good of ...more - Curti2594

12 Axel Brodie
13 Blair
14 Atticus Rhodes

I like that he had Red Eyes in his deck Recipe - Curti2594

Who doesn't love Fubaki?

15 Dr Crowler
16 Dark Magician Girl

That's literally one of my favorite cards! I love Dark Magician Girl!

17 Yubel
18 Chancellor Sheppard
19 Mindy
20 Adrian Gecko
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