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1 Waking up and hoping with all your soul that Sunday repeated itself.

Especially during cold winter days when on the news, they say a snow storm is coming. - SapphireGrim

Anything to avoid the daily torment that is my life at school would be fine by me. - Garythesnail

Oh I hate that. And every morning I wake up its very cold in my house. - cosmo

Nope - BeatlesFan1964

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2 That nervous pit in the stomach when teachers are handing back tests.

But it feels awesome when the grade is higher than your expectations. - SamuiNeko

Even if I'm confident of my performance, this plagues me horribly. - keycha1n

One time I almost puked over this, but yeah, the feeling when you get an A is just amazing. - Entranced98

I’m Asian and I constantly pray that I don’t get a B+ or below...

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3 The feeling of impending chaos as homework assignments pile up on top of each other.

A word of warning for when you get to college: just when you find that you can handle the workload and structure your way around it, that structure breaks down under the increasing demand for work. And that's not even considering the work itself getting harder. You need to be adaptable with respect to the work, and prepare to be surprised. - PositronWildhawk

Some days, every teacher hands out homework, but other days, none of the teachers hand out homework. Very strange how that happens... - Turkeyasylum

Yeah I hate when I have like 6 assignments due in one day - Randomator

No, I Dl My Homework - BeatlesFan1964

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4 Dragging your dead weight after getting 2 hours of sleep.

When you think "I'll pay any sum of money, just let me sleep! ". - keycha1n

This two hours of sleep is more like two seconds - jmepa1234

Every. Single. Day. Insomnia is the worst. - RockFashionista


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5 Knowing you'll be scrambling over your own stress by Sunday night... And procrastinating anyways.

I have a problem: I keep not doing my homework. I can't concentrate on it no matter how hard I try, and I end up doing it at top speed in the middle of class so that by the time we have to hand in out homework, I have it finished. - RockFashionista

I KNOW I have ten hours of homework to greet Sunday night. But who cares? That's two days away!

Oh my irresponsibility...
I DID get it finished though. - keycha1n

Yes - Randomator

Nope - BeatlesFan1964

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6 Being exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get.

This is exactly how I feel right now. "How are you? " "Tired." is becoming a standard greeting. And it doesn't matter if I went to sleep at ten or after midnight, or if I woke up at seven or after noon! And yes, all of those have happened so far. - PositronWildhawk

WHY does this happen? It's only been happening to me since junior high started. WHY?!? - RockFashionista

Sometimes, I feel wanna sleep like... a lot. Or maybe forever... - Delgia2k

Ugh I know this feeling - Randomator

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7 Your stomach falling out of your butt as you receive a less-than-ideal grade.

I got an 94 in Spanish, and my teacher had the nerve to say, "Great job." In my mind, 94 is a failing grade. The again, so is a 98... - Merilille

I recently received one of those grades in English. It offended me to the core and I still think I deserved higher but... I digress. - keycha1n

I don't care about my grades. I know I'm a genius. (Though my awful report card is practically screaming "you're an idiot! ") - RockFashionista

I'm Asian. When I get an 89-90% on my tests, I don't mind. It's a good grade. But I do get worried on how my parents would react. A grade of 89% is a B, and my Asian parents, like most Asian parents, get disappointed when their kids get a B on a test.

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8 The incredible feeling of doing great on a test you were sure you bombed.

I thought I bombed a quiz in math last quarter (not just like, bomb, like nuclear-bomb-we-almost-dropped-on-North-Carolina bombed) and I ended up getting an A. Yes, I completely dunderhead-ed a question, but I guess it balanced out? I ain't complaining! - keycha1n

There have been times where all my friends bombed a test and I got an A... it's a proud feeling, but I attempt not to rub it in their faces. - Turkeyasylum

I know this, in my old school I would wing almost everything and still get an A. - Therandom

I love this feeling - Randomator

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9 The un-repressible smile that results from a good grade.
10 The feeling when you are playing a game on the computer when the teacher isn't looking

This is what I do whenever the teacher isn't looking. I go on TheTopTens. - Pegasister12

Did that once - p_stickman

Yep. I've done that in the past. There's a sense of badassery to it.

I go on thetoptens in class. I hope my followers aren’t secretly my teachers... - sadical

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11 Infuriation at a teacher or unjust grade.

Especially when I have typed an essay long answer on my tests on the computer. And some of them count as wrong answers. So annoying.. - cosmo

A lot of our tests are submitted online, and the computer automatically grades them. When you get something wrong and there's no explanation for it, it really does frustrate the hell out of you. - PositronWildhawk

When you put all your effort into an assignment, only to get tons of points off for random crap. Then you look across the room and the dumbest kid in class is bragging about their grade.

I’m pretty sure everyone has that one teacher they just don’t like - Randomator

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12 That scary feeling when the teacher calls you on a question that you don't know

My math teacher will ask you something and if you don't know in two seconds, she skips you. So yes grandma, school is going good. - The_Violist

Ugh! Has happened to me a few times and can occasionally still happen to me. - cosmo

My math teacher usually doesn't call on me because he knows I'm bad at math. - Pegasister12

That’s when you wing it and hope for the best - Randomator

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13 The jealousy that comes when your friend asks out your crush

Recently I've been falling for a guy and it just killed me when I got to know that my best friend has his address, phone no., they're friends on Facebook, instagram. I mean couldn'nt she tell me this before?

This has happened to me many times... - Garythesnail

I tell my friend is your friend jelly?
He's like what?
i'm like it means is he jealous because you asked her out!
He's like maybe?
Yeah that's how my school is... - Danguy10

14 The feeling like you have no purpose to exist.

LOL... So I was at the board ( in math class after a bathroom break ) before the bathroom break, I just got done with a problem... When I got back, instead of doing math, we had this long, boring conversation about this one girl that was being rude after she got a scored a basket ( it was basketball, duh) I wasn't a part of the conversation at all so I was just standing at the board all bored... - funnyuser

Me pretty much everyday - Randomator

15 The feeling when they announce an early dismissal

Once my high school let kids out early before winter break. I was like YES! That night the school called everyone to inform us that the reason was because of a threat off a school shooting. That was scary, but the good part is that we start Christmas vacation early!

I wish I could feel this but my school is pretty strict about calling off school - Randomator

A great ticket to children's freedom!

16 The feeling that you asked out your crush and she said yes.

Only in a perfect world... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

If only someone would... - Hermione_Granger220

She'll probably friendzone me. - Pegasister12

I can feel this in a dream because I know it will never happen or I’ll get friend zoned - Randomator

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17 The feeling when you're annoyed at everyone and everything

This is me at times lol.

This is basically how I feel at school every day. - RockFashionista

On occasion, this is me. - Garythesnail

I’ve had this feeling before - Randomator

18 The feeling when you get detention for saying a swear word

Luckily, I don’t say those words. - sadical

19 The feeling when you see someone cute

A.K.A. when I look in the mirror every morning. - Brobusky

20 The feeling you get when your crush sits right next to you

Oh noo he saw me blushing and my bff was giggling like a mad girl but thankfully he had no idea what was going

...and that feeling is usually somewhat awkward for me.

Don’t know what that feels like - Randomator

Yes... sometimes he acts like we’re good friends and other times he acts like he doesn’t acknowledgemy existence. - Hermione_Granger220

21 The feeling of boredom
22 Disgust

Disgust, just you being disgusted by everything. - JelloLife

23 The feeling of being a smart Alec when you disrespect a teacher

Happens to me quite a lot. - Therandom

24 The horrible feeling when you embarrass yourself in front of your crush
25 The feeling of friends trying to annoy you all day.
26 When you stare at your crush and get a boner
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1. That nervous pit in the stomach when teachers are handing back tests.
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3. The feeling of impending chaos as homework assignments pile up on top of each other.


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