Top Ten Female Body Shapes


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1 Hourglass

I am a girl and I have heard all my (girl) friends that they would like a body like this!? Which is precisely my body,. But guys shouldn't judge girls by there body by more of there heart

This body shape defines women. Every guy loves to slide his hands down a thin waist, then out to wider hips.

Bust and hips about the same measurement and waist 9 inches less. - HollyRolo

I have this figure and I am reasonably happy - HollyRolo

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2 Pear

The perfect body type of ever hourglass you have bigger hips and a bigger butt and bigger thighs and usually a small and stomach and curves but I was a citizen has a baby and big size she just got hourglass stomach. - Koui

Hips quite broad and slender shoulders. - HollyRolo

3 Straight

Similar to hourglass but little curves. - HollyRolo

4 Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders and slender hips. - HollyRolo

5 Apple

Larger around the waist then the hips or bust. - HollyRolo

Larger belly and rounder at the waist.

6 Triangle

Large hips and small bust. - HollyRolo

7 Athletic

I suppose this is more my shape, but I long for the hourglass figure. - Britgirl

Quite muscular and looks athletic and streamlined. - HollyRolo

8 Slender

Quite slim and, well, boyish. - HollyRolo

9 Diamond
10 Spoon

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11 Curvy

The way a woman is meant to look, not skrawny - meat on her bones with some cushion for the pushin! Sink in deep

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