Top Ten Football (Soccer) Goalkeepers

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101 Caleb Garcia

Brilliant Keeper, Soon to be professional footballer!

102 Ray Clements
103 Brad Guzan
104 Ricardo
105 Jehn Lehmann
106 Shay Given Shay Given
107 Guillermo Ochoa

Dude get on it he is the best and he is 22 he is still young

he is only 22 and he is leading his tem to the world cup

Best goalie he is the reason stars didn't lose against the world masters because he saved so many shots from Messi and drogbra yesterday at miami. That is why he is going to lead Mexico and his team to victory again in the gold cup like 2011 when Mexico won the gold cup against usa.

God help us.Why is Ochoa 12th.He should be last.

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108 Joseph Didulica


109 Brad Friedel

Tottenham's current keeper, Later Tottenham's legend
Go Friedel! Go Tottenham!

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110 Peter Bonetti

Personally I think the only one stopping Peter Bonetti from being England's Number 1 keeper was banks. The guy is 70 years old and still plays in goal for the chelsea old boys. - sam11855

111 Rene Adler

Rene and Kiessling are the hart of Bayern Levekousen

112 I Komang Putra
113 Gilmar (Gylmar dos Santos Neves)
114 Jan van Beveren
115 Sepp Maier

Never really heard of him but apparently he is a great goalie and won the world cup in 1974 with Bayern Munich.

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116 Ricardo Zamora

He was a legend during the midwars years

117 Roman Berezovski
118 Jack Butland

Highly rated goalkeeper, will soon be a England legend.

119 Eduardo Carvalho
120 Behzad Gholampour
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