Top Ten Funniest Brand Parodies In the Simpsons


The Top Ten

1 Mapple - Apple

Ran by steve mobs! - gemcloben

Mypad, myphone, steve mobs, great show, great list - gemcloben

2 Funtendo Zii - Nintendo Wii

Its stupid, but genius. - gemcloben

3 Diz-nee - Disney
4 Blockoland - Legoland

Everything was made of blocks; even the food. - gemcloben

5 Playdude - Playboy

Bart got obsessed with it. - gemcloben

6 Funtendo DD - Nintendo DS

I don't remember this one - gemcloben

7 Victor's Secret - Victoria's Secret

This is just so funny - gemcloben

STØR was actually a rip-off of IKEA - RickyReeves

9 Abercrombie & Rich - Abercrombie & Fitch
10 Vengeful Pigs - Angry Birds

This name sound's quite good - gemcloben

The Contenders

11 Lamborghotti - Lamborghini

In the words of Homer: "The Lamborghotti Fastarossa? That's the car I think about when making love to my wife! " (Fastarossa comes from Ferrari Testarossa, meaning "Redhead" in Italian) - PositronWildhawk

12 Sorny - Sony


A very clever parody. - gemcloben

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1. Diz-nee - Disney
2. Mapple - Apple
3. Funtendo Zii - Nintendo Wii
1. Mapple - Apple
2. Funtendo Zii - Nintendo Wii
3. Blockoland - Legoland


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