Top Ten Funniest Songs On Youtube

haha! hilarious songs so plz comments and vote. PLEASE LISTEN TO THEM! hilarious! please COPY AND PASTE THE LINKS

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1 Mcdonalds Rap

Laugh out loud! I sung this in the car yesterday and my friend bursted out laughing! - Alpha101

I need a double cheeseburger, hold the lettuce, don't be fronton son no seeds on the bun! Laugh out loud! Love This Song! - Alpha101

Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. Laugh out loud. Laugh out loud.

real music

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2 Ebay Song

I love weird al he is my 3rd hero one of my favorite songs I like how he did ugly girl instead of barbie girl

Laugh out loud I always LMAO whenever he says he's capable of sniping

3 The Lazy Song

Hilarious laugh out loud great video

Simply funny. One of the greatest songs made by Bruno Mars.

It's ten times better than your other lame songs

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4 Witch Doctor

This song is HILARIOUS and that is all

I thought this was about monkeys when I was a child.

Great song has me dancing all the time

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5 Doin' your mom by, Fatty Spins

I wish this was the outro song for raywilliamjohnson again. - booklover1

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6 Show Me Your Genitals

Jon lajoie is easily one of the top 3 funniest singers out there. Every one of his videos are hilarious!

Hilarious it so perverted though!

It is so amazing

This is only his 4th best, but is still great! Other 3 are E=MC Vagina, Very Super Famous, and I Kill People.

7 Tik Tok Parody - Midnight Beast

Awesome I watched this guys like 6 years ago

I hope you do good

8 Chronicles of Narnia Rap
9 T.I. spoof= I Can Do Whatever I Like (with obama)
10 Ylvis - The Fox

It's the funniest Sony ever

No, this song isn't funny, don't let the lyrics fool you

It is so CATCHY I can hear it a thousand times... You wont get bored


*bunch of weird sounds start*


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11 Down by, Rucka Rucka Ali
12 J*** in My Pants

laugh every time I hear this song -

Any lonely island song is king. Enough said - TopTenListmaker

This needs to be higher. Too funny! - happyhappyjoyjoy

The Lonely Island killed it :D

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13 Bromance - NigaHiga

My family usually doesn't like watching YouTube videos but this video was one of the few they laughed at

This snag is funny and clean in a good way

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14 Muppet Sex


15 D***head Song
16 The Legend of Zelda Rap - Smosh

I love smosh songs! - Number18

I love legend of zelda

No offense to anyone who likes this song, but to me this song is just stupid. If you love LoZ songs, SilvaGunner and Lindsey Sterling done some good ones. - sdgeek2003

17 I'm A Gangster= Adam and Andrew
18 I'm On a Boat by the Lonely Island
19 Tic Toc Ke$ha parody by, thecomputernerd01 (youtube account)

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that parody. I bought it as soon as I saw it on the kindle music store! My favorite though is either his thrift shop parody or his scream and shout parody... But if I had to pick, it would be the thrift shop parody.

I only Live in McVille ND, And thecomputernerd01 is a hit at our school we sing it all the time

So funny! My favorite part is when he sings the part where he says tik tok found a rock. Gonna knock this posers socks off. Woah their purple! Woohoo!

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20 Ding Fries are doneby, Peter Griffin
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