Top Ten Best Future Inventions

The Top Ten

1 Time Machine
2 Porthole to Another Universe

That would be difficult to do

3 Light Travel

This I don't get it!

4 TV Box, Where for a Flat Fee, You Have Every Movie, Series, Songs Ever In History.
5 Teleportation Device

It works on a quantum level, but beaming up Captain Kirk in real life would consume a ridiculous amount of energy. - PositronWildhawk

6 Implant Scanner, That to Pay for Things and When You Go to Doctor, They Just Scan Your Hand
7 3D TV - You Put On a Visor Goggle Looking Glasses. You Feel Like You Are In the Movie. the Sounds Feel Live, Your 360 View (You Turn Around, the Surroundings Move With You)

Not talking cartoon like picture. It would be as real as walking out your front door, and walking around the hood - westofohio

8 Video / Sound Brain Recorder (It Can Record You Thoughts)

If you playing the guitar in your head. You can't play the guitar, but you invent a new melody, you could still record your idea with out writing down notes. It would record what you a thinking. - westofohio

9 Life-Reaction Universal Remote Control
10 3D Virtual Sex

Too easy. - Swellow

The Contenders

11 Stop Time Clock
12 Multi-Bullet Gun
13 Robocop Booty Implants
14 Albert Einstein Brain Replica
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