Top 10 Galaxies In Super Mario Galaxy Games

In the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, there are no less than 90 magnificent galaxies. Here you can choose your favorites.

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21 Space Storm Galaxy

It just feels so AWESOME braving this destructive Space Storm.

22 Hightail Falls Galaxy

The dash pepper was so much fun to use.

I'm surprised about that attitude about this galaxy

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23 Tall Trunk Galaxy

This one isn't the most unique, but it is definitely the coolest. Nothing is better in mario games than sliding gigantic slides, avoiding ennemies and collecting purple coins. I really like this star, and it's bad it's just number 18

I really liked the slide part.

24 Melty Monster Galaxy

The music is awesome it is the best music in the game

Isn't it called "Melty Molten Galaxy? "

No, this isn't the melty MOLTEN. that was the first game. this one is from 2.

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25 Bowser's Galaxy Generator

It's just fun (apart from that boss) I hope it reaches top 15. It is not the best but should be on this list - LoneShadow379

26 Chompworks Galaxy

Mario should have destroyed the whole galaxy if that's where chomps come from.

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27 Boss Blitz Galaxy

This place is filled with bosses,the comet medal is easy to retrieve and it has a daredevil run

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28 Slimy Spring Galaxy

Love the music and creepiness, then the wonderfully contrasting summit at the end

Such a relaxing galaxy. Well, minus the chimp level. <_<

29 Flipsville Galaxy

This place are you kidding me

30 Deep Dark Galaxy

Absolutely great. Tons of cool areas to explore. Great music. Nice difficulty and an amazing boss fight.

You know Guppy is in this galaxy from sea slide galaxy

31 Dusty Dunes

It looked like there was so much more to explore on that huge quicksand planet you start on.

32 Beat Block Galaxy

Who doesn't love the (Beep-Beep-Beep-Boom) that plays through the level? The Double Time comet just increased the epicness within.

This amazing world deserved more levels than it was given.

Please be higher? I love this galaxy

Which video game is it in? Mario Galaxy or Mario Galaxy 2

33 Bowser Jr.'s Star Reactor
34 Matter Splatter Galaxy
35 Bonefin Galaxy

The boss Kingfin or whatever is super great! The way he looks is just awesome. Plus, I love underwater levels.

36 Twisty Trials Galaxy

I just like the name

Tricky level much,the prankster comet

37 Stone Cyclone Galaxy

Very fun and challenging galaxy. Not to bad if you've played the Fast-foe mission from
Beach Bowl from the Ffrst game, though.

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38 Puzzle Plank Galaxy
39 Sand Spiral Galaxy
40 Yoshi Star Galaxy
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