Top Ten Grand Theft Auto Characters That Can Be Compared to Real People


The Top Ten

1 Ryder - Easy E - San Andreas

They are like, technically the same person. It's proven. - TheMainReason


2 Big Smoke - Notorious B.I.G. - San Andreas

Biggie isn't west coast, big smoke is meant to represent sure knight

I was going to consider Rick Ross. - TheMainReason

He kinda looks like E-40 or Rick Ross too - venomouskillingmachine

3 Denise - Dej Loaf - San Andreas

Think about it. Their personalities are the same. They also even look the same. In Dej Loaf's Try Me rap, she mentioned drive by's and people trying her. They are the same person, just in different worlds. - TheMainReason

4 Joni - Megan Fox - BOGT

They look very alike except that Joni has bangs. They are both equally sexy and both have that kind of promiscuous feel to their personalities. - TheMainReason

5 Catalina - Nicki Minaj - San Andreas

Now people, listen, they. Look. Exactly. The SAME. Take a peek at Catalina's cover art, and take a peek at some of Nicki's natural photos and then combine them together. They both have the same skin shade, the same big boob's and the same Asian effect in their faces when neither of them are Asian. They are also both crazy as f*ck too, lol. - TheMainReason

6 Bikini Girl - Kate Upton - GTA V

She is officially not Kate Upton, but they darn mighty well look very similar. - TheMainReason

7 Salvitore - Robert De Niro - GTA III
8 Carl Johnson - Michael B. Jordan - GTA V

Come on, they are like... The same person. - TheMainReason

9 Rochell'le - Beyonce - San Andreas

If you don't know, Rochell'le is the blonde girl from the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cover art. She is an R&B Singer and Occasional Rapper, and Beyonce is currently working on her rap skills right now. And both of their names have the same sound to it. She's technically based off of Bey. - TheMainReason

10 Trevor - Johnny Knoxville - GTA V

The Contenders

11 Lance Vance - Martin Lawrence - Vice City
12 Trevor - Suge Knight - GTA V
13 Blond Civilian - Kurt Cobain - San Andreas
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