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21 BYU
22 Nebraska

Finally back on the up and up. 91 team best NOT to win it all. - powercat2007

24 Cincinnati

2 National Titles, 6 final fours, and the greatest college basketball player of all time Oscar Robertson. 14 straight tourney appearances from 1992-2005, and would have won another national title in 2000 if National player of the year Kenyon Martin didn't break his leg in the conference tournament.

25 Minnesota

classic program before the current tournament system and on the way back to the top with Tubby Smith at the helm

26 Memphis
27 Purdue
28 Pittsburgh
29 Maryland

Maryland should be much higher - phillyeagleboy

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30 Evansville

Just because of one game doesn't make them there s really awesome basketball program. Upsets happen once in a while

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31 Florida Gulf Coast

Whoever put this team on here I think you are a dumb ass that doesn't understand prestigious basketball programs. FGCU is one of the last programs I'd pick to develop me in the sport. This list should involve teams that has a hundred years of success not 15 years of mostly mediocre years. This was a ridiculous inclusion.

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32 San Jose State V 1 Comment
33 Creighton
34 Virginia V 1 Comment
35 Texas
36 Tennessee V 1 Comment
37 Xavier

Tyrone Hill. David West. Bryon Grant. Byron Larkin. We're at least better than Evansville

38 Murray State
39 Liberty University V 1 Comment
40 Wichita State

Ron Baker and Fred Vanfleet. 31-0 in 2014 final four in 2013. Enough said.

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