Greatest Dirtbike Riders

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1 Travis Pastrana

He is amazing

He is awesome

He can do anything!

Best ever

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2 Ricky Carmichael

The thing about pastrana being full of himself is not true I've met him

The goat

Ricky was faster than James Both guys were class acts. Just go to the video. James was miss treated by FIM. AMA needs to cut that relationship. Also Mr Tickel. Whats up playing with people's lifes like That.

I'll never forget the day I became I Carmichael fan McGrath dissed me on a autograph that night Anaheim him and Carmichael raced side bye side McGrath won but I followed Carmichael ever since not only is this guy the G.O.A.T he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet I've met him about three times morning San Francisco race with my niece she asked him for his hat he said after race go to my trailer no joke that night we walk up to his trailer this guy walks through the crowd of fans we said nothing he walks up takes his hat off signs it places it on her head the guy is awesome Carmichael best ever

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3 James Stewart James Stewart James Stewart (May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997) was an American movie star, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of all time. He is best remembered for his roles in Rear Window, It's a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Stewart was known for his distinctive drawl more.

This guy tears it up! I can only imagine being even close to as good as him!

He's the fastest most aggressive rider out there he's insane

He is the fastest dirt bike rider of all time

Its would be awesome to actually go to his house

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4 Jeremy McGrath

You are the best if they had best Supercross racers you would be number one

Best supercross rider ever...and at present, helping youngster with his team and DC

Jeremy is an awesome rider and he never gives up

I am his daughter he is my number 1

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5 Mike Metzger

The god father of free-styling and riding!

I'm better than all of you

6 Chad Reed

By far the most technical rider

Should be way higher

Chad reed is the bomb at motocross and is the best in Australia

He is the best Australian rider ever.

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7 Roger Decoster

He was the best. 5 championships All on Suzuki

He's the #1 classic. Without any question.

De Coster is the absolute godfather of motocross.
A legend! Really stands in a class of his own.

Best evee

8 Brian Deegan

HE is good

Best rider

You are so cool

from jet

Australian champion

Brian deegan you are the best rider I’ve ever seen so are your kids your family has a talent at dirtbimes

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9 Ryan Dungey

You're the best dirtbike rider I know and I did a research paper on u Dungey.

You are a very good rider

I love Ryan Dungey he is a good good rider

He is awesome!

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10 Ryan Villopoto

Won 4 champions ship in a row

Ryan villopoto thank you for switching to Yamaha and guess what my dad works for Yamaha

He is my favorite dirt bike rider

Iv always wanted to ride a dirt bike

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11 Nate Adams
12 David Knight

The best, at his age he is still so committed and gets results.

The greatest of great in all disciplines

13 Graham Jarvis

Not the fastest, but Mad Skills!

This guy sucks

Truly skilled especially in the technical stuff and is gnarly bro.

He is my hero and is great at all things

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14 Malcolm Smith

he is dope

Malcolm could do it all! Back in the day on those old bikes, motocross, enduro, desert, trials! Everything on a dirt bike, he was the best.

Outclassed the field always with a smile

Best rider in the worlds history the man is a legend

15 Toby Price



Hi is all was on the pipe

He is a gun

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16 Eli Tomac

I want to be like you when I grow up

This mans is goat!, keep riding hard



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17 Ronnie Mac

He is the best dirtbike rider there is. YEYE

Why do you curse so much man
you got problems


He is an inspiration

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18 Ryan Dungy


Favorite rider

Fastest ever

He is so cool

19 Ashley Fiolek

Because she is the best womans rider in the world, she has the number one plate and she has a hearing disadvantage so she should be on top she is so good at racing

Do you realize that she is the only girl and she is still amazing!

Noo! Why did I vote for him

hug butt

20 Danny Laporte
21 Kurt Caselli

Amazing rider and a even better person.

Be remembered as a person not a racer!

Fastest desert racer ever!

Such an amazing rider and such an amazing person. We miss you KC!

22 Cyril Depres

Hi you well win

This guy is amazing on any bike. Street/mx/ enduro you name he'll ride it..

23 Stefen Everts

Beat Bubba at age 34! If Everts would have raced Bubba and Carmichael at age 25 over a full season I think he could of definitely beat Bubba and I think he could of challenged Carmichael

King of motocross

0.4% is a joke!

First off, it's Stefan Everts. Not Stefen.
Second, and more importantly, how is he not top 10? If not top 3? He holds the record with 10 World Titles!

24 Jeremy Steinberg

Worlds best rider no one better

Won way too many xgames medals and other awards not to be on this list

25 Taddy Blazusiak

Beat David knight in the last man standing race

26 Bob Hannah

Should be way higher.

27 Gaston Rahier

your bad

28 Tony Cairoli
29 Jimmy Ellis
30 Josh Sheehan


31 Mitch Mayes
32 Josh Grant

" He is one of the best riders I know. "

" he can flick dirt up any second he is on the bike "

He is the best...

33 Trey Canard

He rides a honda and he's darn good at it

34 Marc Coma
35 Dean Wilson
36 Robbie Maddison

He rode across water and got the world record for the longest distance on a motorcycle also he jumped the arc de triumph

37 Dalton Riddle

High sided films favorite channel go check it out

38 Chino Braxton
39 Ken Roczen

He came back from 2 horrible crashes and he's doing good again

He's Thebes’s at AMA and supercross

40 Ricky Johnson

Should be way way higher

Ricky Johnson was the best ever supers,motocross rider ever,the bikes they had back then we're 2 stroke weapons and tracks even harder than today.

41 Justin Hill

Great upcoming rider out of Canada watch out for him in a few years in the Arena cross 450 class

42 Tony Distefano
43 Justin Brayton

Rookie Of The Year 2003-2004 for AMA. Also placed "King Of Geneve"

44 Mike Cinqmars

Great freestyle rider

45 Joel Smets

Come on! He totally belongs.
Along with Stefan Everts. They were each other's big rivals!

46 Wesley Foust

He's straight Garbo.

47 Kailub Russell

Kailua is a 5 time Gucci champion

Gncc champion

48 Carey Hart

" here's a motorcycle racer

49 Blake Baggett

My favorite

50 Brett Cue

Coolest person

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