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1 Travis Pastrana

Pastrana can ride anything, anywhere, anytime. Motocross, supercross, freestyle, desert, flat track, enduro the man can do it all and do it the best. He could easily match Ricky Carmichael for speed on a supercross track and probably would have won more titles if he stayed healthy. The skills he has on any sort of dirtbike are unmatched. He is the modern day Malcolm Smith.

Double black flip and the lazy boy! - Akskater

You are the best I admire your skills so much I love how you are in the nitro circus I went there it was a amazing

You are awesome and I it mire you

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2 Ricky Carmichael

I'll never forget the day I became I Carmichael fan McGrath dissed me on a autograph that night Anaheim him and Carmichael raced side bye side McGrath won but I followed Carmichael ever since not only is this guy the G.O.A.T he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet I've met him about three times morning San Francisco race with my niece she asked him for his hat he said after race go to my trailer no joke that night we walk up to his trailer this guy walks through the crowd of fans we said nothing he walks up takes his hat off signs it places it on her head the guy is awesome Carmichael best ever

The damn G.O.A.T. man who has the title the G.O.A.T. screw your heads on
Ricky shouldn't be back here he is the best

Carmichael has vote anytime. He's not full of himself like others. (Pastrana ).

He is good along with jeremy lusk and mcgrath. PS R.I.P Jeremy Lusk.

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3 James Stewart James Stewart James Stewart (May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997) is an American actor, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors. He is known for his roles in Rear Window, It's a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

This guy tears it up! I can only imagine being even close to as good as him!

He's the fastest most aggressive rider out there he's insane

This guy is so fast on a 250 2 stroke. You name a track he will race it for sure.

The guy is a champ no dought about that!

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4 Jeremy McGrath

Best supercross rider ever...and at present, helping youngster with his team and DC

Jeremy is an awesome rider and he never gives up

I am his daughter he is my number 1

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5 Mike Metzger

The god father of free-styling and riding!

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6 Chad Reed

Chad reed is the bomb at motocross and is the best in Australia

He is the best Australian rider ever.

I could only wish to be like Chad reed he's the best there is!

Chad I seen your video it was awesome

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7 Roger Decoster

He was the best. 5 championships All on Suzuki

He's the #1 classic. Without any question.

De Coster is the absolute godfather of motocross.
A legend! Really stands in a class of his own.

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8 Ryan Dungey

I have seen you lots and I can't stop watching you

He was a good dirt bike rider now he is done sorry to break it to u this way...

He can rip it on a Ktm he is the best current super cross rider stay with Ktm

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9 Brian Deegan

Down for any trick, extremely competitive and a all around great rider

I watch his YouTubevideos of him and his son and they are the best around

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10 Malcolm Smith

Malcolm could do it all! Back in the day on those old bikes, motocross, enduro, desert, trials! Everything on a dirt bike, he was the best.

Outclassed the field always with a smile

Best rider in the worlds history the man is a legend

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11 David Knight

The best, at his age he is still so committed and gets results.

12 Ryan Villopoto

Is the best rider because he inspired me to ride dirt bikes and I have the same number and hope to meet him

He's the best wins year after year

Because he is unstoppable on the track

Because he has good sportsman ship and never gives up.

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13 Nate Adams
14 Graham Jarvis

Graham is the best rider in the world due to his excellent control in all situations

The most technically skilled rider of all time!

Rick Carmichael of Hard Enduro

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15 Ashley Fiolek

Because she is the best womans rider in the world, she has the number one plate and she has a hearing disadvantage so she should be on top she is so good at racing

Do you realize that she is the only girl and she is still amazing!

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16 Toby Price V 2 Comments
17 Cyril Depres

This guy is amazing on any bike. Street/mx/ enduro you name he'll ride it..

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18 Danny Laporte
19 Kurt Caselli

Such an amazing rider and such an amazing person. We miss you KC!

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20 Ryan Dungy V 2 Comments
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