Greatest NASCAR Drivers

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21 Jeff Burton
22 Aric Almirola

He has a win, and almost made it to the chase this year

23 Jamie McMurray Jamie McMurray
24 Joey Logano Joey Logano

He has not even got to his prime quit yet he will be a great

25 Danica Patrick Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is the best

She is hot in a bikini

How is danica higher than chase Elliott and the 2014 champ Kevin Harvick?

4th At Advance Auto Parts Clash And 7th at The Can am Duel #2
enough Said - Riley65655

26 Martin Truex, Jr. V 1 Comment
27 Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Kurt Thomas Busch is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

He is good this is a good spot for him

28 Junior Johnson
29 Johnny Sauter
30 Matt Kenseth Matt Kenseth

Best driver because he knows what he's doing anyone who says he whines don't know what they are talking about

He is a good driver that doesn't whine over loses like Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson

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31 Mark Martin

I have so much respect for this guy. He has had a much longer career then most drivers ever will, and in his 50's he had this sudden career resurrection where he contended for his 1st ever championship. He has come 2nd in the overall standings so many times. I don't even remember the number, but it was insane. Even though he has never won the championship, he is decorated with just about every honor you get get in the sport and he's a great guy. He should be top 15 the very least. There's no way he should be down here at 31 when all of these young modern generation drivers with like 20 wins are taking up spots in the top 20.

Mark Martin is the greatest Champion without a trophy. How many wins does this man have, if he had been the one to "Rattle their cage" like others would have. Best of all time...

Mark Martin is 53 and still racing the track. I have grown up a fan of Mark and I continue to enjoy to watch him beat all the inexperienced druggies like Jimmie Johnson.

32 Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick is so awesome. He is my favorite driver. Even though he only has 1 chapionship, and has 6 top 2 finishes, he is still my favorite driver!

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33 Casey Mears
34 Austin Dillon
35 Ned Jarrett
36 Bobby Labonte V 1 Comment
37 Dale Jarrett
38 Marcos Ambrose

He's good at road courses, that it.

39 Geoff Bodine

The king of new york and the only man dale earnhart had trouble defeating

40 Terry Labonte
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