Top Ten Grossest Cigarette Brands


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61 Four Square
62 Marlboro Gold

Kindly reduce the price.

SUCK LIKE trailer trash skunk infested dung!

It's more pricious then gold 1 kilo

It's a gold plasur

63 Smokers Choice

Nasty little cigars techencally feels like claws going down the throught even the menthol is pretty horrid about $1-2 a Pak d

64 Superkings

Even worse than the king size JPS in AUS, awful smoke not sure it's even tobacco

65 Fortuna

They taste awful, burn ridiculously fast, and you almost always need to go after one. And maybe throw up too.

Horrible and made cheap. They burn extremely fast so you feel like you need one after the other. GROSS!

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66 Belomorkanal
67 Hope

Tastes and smells like mosquito coils

68 Paramount Red

It's strong, so it makes you feel good. But the taste isn't so good in my opinion. Paper and filter quality isn't specially good, just decent. I think the taste is the worst about this product, it's okay if you don't inhale, but when you inhale it tastes almost like poison.

69 Carnival

Tried these when I was broke. Id rather suck on a unicorns horn...

Worst after taste ever.

70 Decade

Worst cigarette I've ever had. It taste like some rolled a fart inside a filtered cigarette. every time my friends smoke them their breath smells like ass crack

71 Wrangler
72 Half Time
73 League Gold
74 Sonoma
75 Nationals V 1 Comment
76 Longbeach
77 Ashford
78 Escort

Cheapish smoke in Aus pretty bland smoke but not the worst because ya get what ya pay for

79 Brandon
80 Holiday V 1 Comment
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