Top Ten Most Immature People and Groups On the Internet

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1 Chris-chan Christine Weston Chandler (formerly known as Christian Weston Chandler and best known as Chris-chan), is an autistic trans woman who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. She was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to her retaliating. In 2011, she came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; more.

Now that I look at him again, Chris probably was misdiagnosed and doesn't have autism, but rather schizophrenia, considering his latest videos show how he's completely insane and lost touch with reality. - SailorSedna

He's currently 35 and he still plays with toys designed for people who are barely a third of his age. When someone buys one of his things from eBay, guess what he does? Spends it on more useless toys!

I agree. I hate his guts and his ripoff characters, too. Sonic and Pokemon are much better than this creep.

Honestly I know this guy is an idiot, but is saying he should kill himself necessary?

2 GoAnimate fans

95% of these idiotic fools are pretty much miniature Chris-Chans. Only they are TEN TIMES WORSE!

Most GoUsers(There are practically hundreds of them, by the way *Shudders*) are between the ages of 8 and 13, and get butthurt over EVERYTHING! They get upset when somebody has a DIFFERENT OPINION on their favorite character, they get offended when people bash Goanimate because it's such a bad idea of a software, and they even get upset when people make these "Fake VHS Openings" that they shouldn't even care about. I could go on and on about how this has been the #1 worst fanbase on the Internet in my opinion, but that would take hours. Just expect that when these people grow up, there's gonna be many, many Chris-Chans out there on the Internet...

These are honestly funny half the time but the grounded videos do go overboard a lot. Also what's with the "fake VHS openings"? Especially by some dude named Warren Cook? Never did understand that.

I used to like grounded videos when I was 11.I am almost 12 and now I realize how immature goanimate is.-LitSavage

Someone should put Disney1994 on the list

3 Pedophiles

Legitimate pedophiles are actually pretty observant and calculating. Most of them use the Dark Web to ensure anonymity and function around the web while keeping their nature in check. That, and the fact that they're unable to relate to anyone on the Surface Web and that the Dark Web is notorious for its hosting of Child Pornography should explain enough. The scariest thing about Pedophiles on the internet, once again, is how cunning they could be, but also how controlling they in the activities they tend to indulge in. Some of them are expert hackers and mentally brutal moderators who would potentially threaten your life if you try to back away any sort of child porn you're watching if you're unfortunate enough.

If anything, they're not immature at all. Rather acting low-key, and being very controlling, demanding and outright disturbing and evil is stumbled upon.

Very creepy and disturbing people.

Sure, Beliebers are irritating, but pedos are dangerous

Benthelooney I'm looking at you.

4 Beliebers

Nah haters are more immature. From the age of 15 Justin was called a girl, bashed him because his voice hadn't broke and looked younger than 15. Anything (music, books, movies) targeted to the female gender is used as an insult than celebrated.

There are two different definitions of maturity: your age and your acts. Seriously, if I had a girlfriend (which I don't :( ), and if she loved Justin Bieber, I would be like "screw it." And continue to live my life without her, no sympathy, no apologies, no nothing, just me and my life.

Well, I have a friend that's a Belieber, and she doesn't talk about Justin Beiber like other Beliebers do. Sure, she'll talk about him here and there, but not 24/7.

I think the haters are just as, if not more immature than the fans.

5 Sonic fans

Sanic gotta go fest

6 The Alt-Right
7 Anti-SJWs

Many anti-SJWs are no better than SJWs. A lot of their videos are clickbait.

8 Cyberbullies
9 Mistystuffer

He deactivated his account. I'm guessing he couldn't take criticism like a man on Deviantart - SailorSedna

He now has a pixiv account due to deviantart's rules.

10 Star Wars Fans


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11 KaaLover

All they do a lot of times is Kaa porn...

12 Anonymous

I am anonymous - toptenforlife

Just creepy... - Rachelneedscoffee

13 Homophobes

You know what's more annoying and incredibly hypocritical? Bigots who label anyone who doesn't approve of homosexuality a "phobe." It's very stupid and intolerant of others opinions.

The Bible bashers, Jesus Freaks, Fundamental Christians, Bible Belt.

It's a hate crime. Community Service for homophobes.

They're so stupid

14 Conspiracy Theorists
15 Donald Trump Supporters

Uneducated kool-aid drinkers, who think a co-man is their savior.

That image though!

The trumpet.

They think they’re so smart and we’re dumb but I bet most of them couldn't make a basic mac and cheese if we demonstrated it to them

16 Undertale Fans

Why isn't this crappy fanbase at the top? They make porn, send death threats to anyone who hates it and will want to have sex with 2 DAMN SKELETONS! The puns are annoying as hell too.

They make Porn, they make death threats, they make people like xandermartin98 be what he is... They are monsters!

If you give the game any score lower than 10/10, they will murder you. Enough said.

How are they immature?

17 03bgood
18 Nostalgists

One of my closest friends says that "no intelligent thinkers exist anymore", and that he wants to "kill himself and wake up in the 60s". He doesn't want to hear me when I say that the Renaissance was a period of disease and poverty, and that at least we have almost totally eliminated famine. He is convinced (as a left-winger), that our world is very right-wing and that almost everyone in the 60s was communist.

Listen, I know you might think 2000 is the "worst generation in history", but accept that you can't turn back time. Hey, sometimes I get nostalgic about things, but it's over. The future might even get better, and back then wasn't perfect. We have more rights now than we ever did. 2000 isn't amazing, but was the 9000s the best century there was/ever will be? I doubt it.

Yes, yes, my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Animals, etc., and I do hate lots of newly released songs, but I'm not riding people's asses on how good life was back then. I'd kill to go back to a time where I wasn't born yet, but then there'd be lots of bad stuff going on we still deal with now.

Sure I'm waiting for the day that "The Raggy Dolls" is rebooted.
I've got history books and trust me you don't want to be a wrong generation kid.

19 Social Justice Warriors

Dear SJWs,
Screaming about how much better PoC, women, the LGBT+ community, & minorities than white people, men, straight & or cis people won't empower anybody.

Indeed pretty immature. Some of them get triggered if you are even slightly politically incorrect.

20 Tankies
21 Anti Bronies

The brony fanbase may be immature but anti-bronies (e.g. rabid ones who yell out death/violence threats or say stuff like "we need another Holocaust") actually are way more immature, childish, clownish, stupid and pathetic, they're the ones who are throwing tantrums over colorful pastel ponies.

People should just stop hating on people who like what they hate.

Wrong.As far as I'm concerned it's the bronies that are immature

22 Steven Universe Fans

It's not just the fans I hate. It's the show as a whole. Adventure Time's legendary storyboard artist/songwriter left to work on Steven Universe. Ever since then, Adventure Time has been rotting away, and it lost most of its charm. See, it's DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for Adventure Time's declining quality.

The fandom is the #1 reason why I never liked Steven Universe.

Not all SU fans are bad and send death threats I'm a fan of SU and I am not like that

The guy from the undertale one said : They make Porn, they make death threats, they make people like Zamii070 be what she is... They are monsters!
i think this should be put in this

23 "Born in Wrong Generation" kids

People can listen to whatever they want, thank you!

24 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Bronies are just those pedophiles who act like whiny 4 year olds and watch girly crap.

So? Even a 16 year old boy on TheTopTens likes The Powerpuff Girls

Bronies Can Be Immature Sometimes But Not All The Time.

They bully anyone who doesn't like MLP and they want to have sex with underage bronies.Absolute scum.

25 People Who Draw Cartoon Porn

I literally can't even search a cartoon on google (especially google images) because most of the time, most of the results are either porn or random things. This is why I don't go on google, and especially not deviantart or rule34. Some of my childhood is ruined thanks to the people online that are dirty and can't keep to theirselves.

The crap that runs through some people's minds is awful. Fantasizing over a fictional character is something a therapist could help with.

Ruined childhood.

Teen titans Go fans in a nutshell

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