Top 10 Reasons Why Trolls and Troll Feeders are Both Equally Bad

I may get some hate for saying that trolls are bad, but I really don't care at all because nobody should even be encouraging trolling in the first place. But troll feeders on the other hand aren't any better either. Why? Because the reason why trolls make intentionally bad lists is because they want a negative reaction out of non-trolls, so you're pretty much giving them what they want. They want you to get offended. They want you to fall under their traps. At least show some respect for yourself and don't give them any negative reaction at all.

But enough of that. Trolls and troll feeders are both equally annoying and it's time for me to fix this mess once and for all.
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1 Both make themselves look bad.

Trolls think everything is a competition and are either little babies (those that hate that someone would dare think a different opinion to them) or think it is cool to disagree with everyone (their just really bored and have no life so they start random arguments to feel their sad existence).
Troll feeders are just random people that fell into the trolls trap

Trolls make themselves look annoyingly edgy and troll feeders make themselves look like they're giving what trolls want (a reaction out of them).

Yeah I'm more so neutral to the point both sides are... you just can't reason with those that repeat history.

Agree. In my opinion I think trolls are better than feeders

2 Both are annoying.

Anonymity brings out the worse of people. If two people met up in real life and talked movies, music, or shows with a few exception the conversation will be very respectful, but the moment you but a computer between them everything is treated as a personal attack and people go to defensive default and it is sad, while others are just like screw it no one knows who I am so lets screw with people

I don't think all the trolls are annoying, but some trolls have no clue how to troll properly.

Trolls are too edgy and troll feeders give trolls too much of what they want.


3 Both are just wanting a reaction out of people.

Trolls mainly because they want people to get offended, and troll feeders because they want other people to feel offended as well (to give the troll more of what he wants).

Negative reaction. Not positive. This says a lot. Also, why some people try too hard to get a reaction out of people? Reactions should happen naturally and not be forced.

4 Both are immature.

Trolls because they offend people for no reason and troll feeders because they have no respect for themselves if they give the trolls the offended reaction they wanted.

Trolls are immatures
Troll feeders usually don't know better, exception being when they are doing it in an attempt to troll the troll

Goes without saying. And this is happening right now on one of my lists - a 29 yo person is acting like a 9 yo kid.

I only troll bullies on roblox and make them change their ways

5 Both are bad role models.

Trolls because of how obnoxiously edgy they are (I've already stated before that saying edgy stuff online doesn't make you look cool. It just makes you look like a jerk).
Troll feeders because they're giving the trolls what they want, a reaction out of them (think of it as a bully victim giving a bully his lunch money instead of telling the teacher or his parents about him. He's not showing any respect for himself).

6 Both have bad ideas.

Trolls: they are mostly harmless bullies that think their being cool. being a bully is always a bad idea
Troll-feeders: give the bully fuel, it is usually a bad idea to provoke a bully. If you have a friend that is a pyromaniac it is usually a bad idea to talk about how cool they are for liking to burn things that is a good way to accidentally get parts of your home or belongings burnt

One really only has a bad idea, Troll think their cool but their not, while troll-feeders fell into the trolls trap the only thing bad from the Troll feeders was thinking they had to defend their position in the first place ( it is the Internet there is no winning any debate)

Yes, obviously. Because they have no good ideas. For example, a pseudo/fake metal fan is currently adding tons of non-metal songs to one of my metal lists. Because they guy doesn't really have good ideas and doesn't know good metal songs to add to the list.

Trolls think that you have to be edgy in order to get a reqction out of people and troll feeders think that you have to be offended because it's want the troll wants.

7 Both act stupid.

They're both laughable and do laughable things most of the time.

At least Trolls act stupidly on purpose.

8 Both have no respect for themselves at all.

Trolls because they just wanna ruin their reputations and act like douchebags just to shock people, and troll feeders because they actually wanna give trolls the easily offended reaction the trolls wanted in the first place.

9 Both don't respect opinions

I am a troll and I respect opinions

10 Both are just as bad as Snowflakes and Edgelords.

They're basically the internet equivalents of snowflakes and edgelords.

true that.

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11 Both have bad habits.

Trolls mainly have the habit of shocking people for the sake of shocking them and feeders have the habit of getting easily triggered and giving the trolls what they want.

12 Both are cruel.
13 They rage in ALL CAPS
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