Top 10 Types of People that Don't Deserve Their Hate

There are people that get hated but don't deserve it. Here are people that don't deserve to be hated!

Please DO NOT submit bad things like Fascists, Nazis, Pedophiles, Terrorists, etc on this list.
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1 LGBT People

Why do some people even bother judging others for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?
I get it's possibly because of stereotypes of gays, but than again, don't be homophobic about someone just because of their sexualities.

I know, it sounds gross, but that doesn't mean you can hate them because they like something that others don't! Everyone has their own opinion.

It's ridiculous to judge someone for being LGBTQ. It should be just as normal and socially acceptable as being straight

If they're LGBT, that's their choice. You have no right to judge people for being LGBT

2 Jews

Jews get hated for bad reasons. Neo-Nazis are the types of people that are most notorious for hating Jews. They don't deserve to be discriminated against

Them getting executed in the gas chambers was the worst part.

I will never understand the hatred

3 Shy People

I have anxiety and I hear people all the time say "why don't you just talk to them?" or "Why don't you wanna hang out with us?" it makes me feel bad about myself. They don't realize just how hard it is for me to strike up a conversation with someone...

As a shy person, people can’t help it they are shy. It’s a part of our personality and being shy doesn’t mean we can’t communicate with anyone at all. Shy people can be very nice as well. They are very misunderstood by some people

There isn't really anything wrong with being shy or introverted. It's actually kind of relatable for me.

A lot of people mistake shyness for rudeness.

4 Black People

Me being black I don't understand how some people (mostly from the south) can still look down on us. You would think they would learn to have compassion and understanding but they're still the same. Looking at YOU Texas.

Just because someone has different skin colour such as being black, doesn't make them bad people.
I think others hate black people for being stereotyped as criminals.

People who hate black people are racist because black lives DO matter, just like everyone else

Black people do matter too! Just because someone is black doesn't mean that they're criminals.

5 Harry Potter Fans

What do they even do to be hated? I don’t really care for Harry Potter but it doesn’t look bad to me. Not familiar with the fanbase either but I don’t think they deserve hate

If they like Harry Potter, that's their opinion. No need to make a huge fuss about it!

I don't care about Harry Potter. And if someone likes it, who am I to say no to that?

I don't like harry potter but at least the fans aren't annoying

6 Autistic People Autistic People

I suspect three reasons that go hand in hand as to why people tend to misunderstand autistic people so much. 1. Some of those who do have autism and have made mistakes decide to blame it all on the condition, unknowing of the consequence of screwing over the image of all different types of those with the condition. 2. Those who have done such crucial mistakes screwing over their life and reputation (Chris Chan being the most notable example.), just so happening to be autistic, leading to the hasty generalizations performed by those who failed to understand that not all people with the condition remotely behave in a similar way. The third suspected reason I've come up with is the one that annoys me most. I suspect many individuals may have shunned having special interests and other harmless things common among autists from being socially acceptable. In reality, you shouldn't shame anyone for what interests them. There is only a few exceptions to this, but people seem to really confuse ...more

Most people who make fun of those on the Autism Spectrum come across as generally ignorant and uneducated as to what the condition actually is. People with Autism aren't stupid, they just think in a different way.

My nephew's autistic and he functions normally you wouldn't even know that he was autistic. I think the biggest misconception is that they're are stupid and out of control and that couldn't be farther from the truth

Autistic people aren't dumb. It was proven that most autistic people are intelligent.

7 Christians
8 Nerds

But what if you hate yourself...?

9 Meat Eaters

PETA tends to hate Meat Eaters when they themselves can't even do their jobs right!

10 Muslims

Yeah, Muslims are not terrorists, terrorists are people who manipulate the Quran and make it seem like Islam is a horrible religion and they pretend they are a part of it, even though Islam is a peaceful religion. So I want Islamiphobes to just shut up and leave others religion ALONE, got that?

I see nothing wrong with them and no reason to hate them

Not all Muslims are terrorists

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11 Germans

It’s sad that people still think of Hitler and Nazis when they think of Germans. Hitler wasn’t even German in the first place, he was born in Austria! Germany is known for better things than Hitler and Nazis

I bet there are as many nazis in Germany as there are in the US which is basically not even 1 percent of the population.

Not all Germans are Nazis.
As a matter of fact, many Germans are against Nazis

12 Men
13 Asians

Most Asians don't eat cats and dogs. Keep that in mind.

14 Suicidal People

People who hate suicidal people make me want to kill myself!

People who are suicidal need compassion, not hate

15 Police Officers
16 Non-Binary

Hating someone for being Non-Binary is ridiculous In my opinion

17 White People

Some people throughout all this madness seem to forget that white people's lives also matter. People in the streets are being attacked for being white now.

18 Pansexuals
19 Vegans

Some vegans deserve the hate though and by that I mean the ones who don't respect people who eat meat and who do anything they can to make people's lives hell. That YouTuber named Vegan Gains for example is the perfect example of a bad person who gives vegans a bad name.

There's nothing wrong with being a vegan.

20 Blondes Blondes

Not all blondes are dumb. Where do people even get such an idea from?

Not all blondes are dumb. There are many intelligent blondes

I am a blonde and I am one of the smartest kids in my grade

21 Children
22 Atheists
23 Women Women

I think the over dramatic feminists are what's taking us down. Plus the double standards. There's nothing wrong with uplifting your fellow women but don't drag men down in the process.We should uplift men/boys too, because believe it or not there are good men out there who deserve it.

Why is women below men?

24 Cops Cops Cops is an American documentary/reality legal series that follows police officers, constables, sheriff's deputies, federal agents and state troopers during patrols and other police activities including vice and narcotics stings.
25 Pop Singers

I am not a massive fan of pop music in general even though I do like some 90s and 2000s pop songs (I like a few 2010s songs as well but I prefer 2000s and 90s pop songs), but then again, I hate how other people tell harmless pop singers to die just because they don't like their music.

I'm not the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus but the way people bully her is disgusting. It's never that deep.

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