Top 10 Hardest Mario Kart 8 Tracks

The Top Ten Hardest Mario Kart 8 Tracks

1 Rainbow Road

This track is hard I remember falling off lots when I first played it - trains45

Should be number one - jbella9000

This should be no. 1.

Hard - JPK

2 Bone Dry Dunes
3 Wii Grumble Volcano
4 Mount Wario
5 Bowser's Castle
6 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway
7 Cloudtop Cruise
8 DS Wario Stadium
9 3DS Melody Motorway
10 3DS DK Jungle

The Contenders

11 Big Blue

It is hard but is the best

12 Neo Bowser City

The traction loss plus those tight corners means that if you have no traction, you're going flying off the track

13 Ribbon Road
14 N64 Yoshi Valley
15 Cheese Land
16 Hyrule Circuit
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