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61 Cactus
62 Magma Cube

Magma Cubes are not bad, there 100% AWESOME! They are adorable, so derpy its not even funny! ENOUGH WITH ALL THE HATE! BOW DOWN TO THE Magma Cubes!

Magma Cube's power can be the strongest. The bigger it is, the stronger it is. Killing on will only result in more. The reason I didn't select slime instead is because Magma Cube is fire resistance and the tiny cubes do dammage as well

BOW DOWN TO THE MAGMA CUBES! Magma Cubes are adorable, so derpy its not even funny!

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63 Creeper

Just run right through it really quickly. That's it. Try it.

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64 Zombie

Seriously? A Zombie? Use a sword or bow and arrows.

65 Skeleton

Shoots arrows at you and then more of them join.

66 Angry Wolf V 2 Comments
67 Basilisk

Op kill you like your dirt op as heck

68 Squid Overlord
69 Emperor Scorpion
70 Mecha Golem
71 Steve

He can hold a gun and shoot you and he can hold a bucket of lava and set you on fire

You can also do the same thing to him.
Wait. Isn't he us? We're not mobs. Why is here?

72 Rabbit

Killer bunnies ar more powerful

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73 Ocelot V 3 Comments
74 Golden Freddy
75 Maxed Player
76 Stella

Stella knows pink flash and bubble.

77 Bomb

Nows how to do explosions. Stay away.

78 Mutant Chicken
79 Raven
80 Mutant Enderman

So OP! Teleports and does loads of damage. When he dies he pulls you in and then 'explodes'!

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