Hardest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Green Stars

Do any of you viewers find these green stars hard or not? I don't know if this will be surprising to you people, but I don't have Boom Bunker Green Star 2 here. Reason: Never have had trouble on it at all.

The Top Ten

Rolling Coaster Galaxy - Green Star 1


Rolling Coaster Galaxy itself is hell - TwilightKitsune

This green star is RNG. One bonk on a goomba and it's over - drayden15

Melty Monster Galaxy - Green Star 3

It's so annoying when you try to roll into the green star and you miss like 50 times.

Luckily you can get out of the rock and just jump into it - drayden15

Throwback Galaxy - Green Star 2

The problem is that you have to hurry and get up to the top to triple jump off the Whomp and grab the star. Otherwise you have to have him slam on the ground, when he gets back up, stand on his head, and then jump to the star. So frustrating - drayden15

It's actually pretty easy, if you manage to master jumping on the whomp's head first - TwilightKitsune

Stone Cyclone Galaxy - Green Star 1

Miss the precise triple jump and it's over - drayden15

Slipsand Galaxy - Green Star 3

The star has to be on the VERY edge of the slide. If you miss, you either miss or die - drayden15

Slipsand Galaxy - Green Star 2

You have to turn to the edge of the slide right after you land so you don't miss it. At least it's not on the very edge like Green Star 3 - drayden15

Wild Glide Galaxy - Green Star 2

Turning to the very right of the stage just to grab a star is so frustrating and annoying - drayden15

Bowser's Galaxy Generator - Green Star 2

If you don't have at least 1 cloud when you see the star, you might not know how to get it unless you know the infinite yoshi flutter. - drayden15

Flipsville Galaxy - Green Star 3

Why TF is this not number one! It took me months to get this! - darthvadern

Freezy Flake Galaxy - Green Star 2

I hate this green star because if you miss it, it's over unless you get lucky - drayden15

The Contenders

Shiverburn Galaxy - Green Star 3

I spant half an hour on it - Noudritman123

Haunty Halls Galaxy - Green Star 1

I don't know if anyone has had trouble on this star, but I did. Always have to go slow when falling to this star. every time I try to go fast, I miss the star or bonk and die - drayden15

How to win this star:

1. Die 100 times
2. Win it - TwilightKitsune

Rightside Down Galaxy - Green Star 1
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