Hardest Super Mario Galaxy Levels

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1 The Perfect Run - Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I hate this level but I love it too. It’s stupidly hard but so satisfying once you beat it

Only actually hard level in both games. Others may be annoying and take a few lives but perfect run sucks w/o a p2

Only 1 life and no checkpoints and the enemies can be hard to beat. This is the hardest Mario level EVER!

I beat this the day I got it with a friends help. I got this star the day I unlocked grandmaster Galaxy. Freeze koopas, knock them off ledge. P2 can freeze them while P1 kills them, or P2 can freeze and spin over and over until they fall. Duck under boomerangs and rockets. The sentry beam and red and blue thing and octopus part is the real catch. On the pull star part, skip the last half of the electric things. Long jump off platform and catch pull star. Shake to go down and then pull yourself up over the whole thing and lath to the furthest pull star in reach, repeatedly

2 Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

To be honest with you, I actually beat this level on my third try.

My god, 7 out of 11 comments posted said that this star was incredibly easy and that they completed this star with one try and questioning themselves why Good Egg Galaxy isn't here if this one is. That is impossible, some of you are trolls or liars. I'm not saying ALL of you are, because some people might actually have completed this with one try, but 64% of the people thinking it's easy is simply impossible, it is a very hard level and no way so many people didn't have a hard time with this.
This level is absolutely insane. I usually get through all the parts except the last one pretty easy (though sometimes I make a mistake) but that last part is insanely hard. I often die here when attempting this. And wherever you stop, you go back to the stupid start of the level. Ugh! So hard!

Before I played this level for the first time in YEARS, I watched a bunch of hardest SMB stars. This star made all of the lists, so I was pretty scared for it. I ended up beating it on my first try, but I'm sure that was because of pure, dumb, luck.

With everything up until the spire, be on top guard. Eliminate all does one at a time. With the spire, long jump often, give even a millisecond of attention to enemies and glass and star bits and question cubes never

3 Battlestation's Purple Coins - Dreadnought Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

The smasher is the only hard part. How is this harder than the garbage dump on the same level, or other levels actually hard?

I was amazed when I found out how hard it was. I would never see that again.

This should be number 3 behind perfect run and lava spire daredevil run

One of the hardest stars of the game. I say it's the third hardest star.

4 Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - Mario Squared Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Why is this all the way up here? Something more like Boss Blitz speed run should be up here. Or the dreadnought garbage dump, or stone cyclone, or something actually hard

There is a sort of pattern to follow that makes it easy. Just jump over the cosmic guys. This isn't very hard

This is the same as the first except for one thing. Cosmic guys.

If this is hard, then the above must be easier than I think. If this is hard, Good Egg must be a "demon level"

5 Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run - Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Funny fact. It took me about 3-4 times to beat him with 3 lives, but I won on the first try in the daredevil run.

I don, t know why you guys are rubbish at video games but i, m speaking from my advise that this is the 4th easiest boss in the game on my first time I beat him I actully felt sorry for him that I kicked his ass so hard

I chose this one because It's too hard for me and do it over and over again and I ask my dad to try it but he can try for a few times then I try to do the rest

This is one of the hardest video game levels EVER. I spent 11 lives to finish it!

6 Luigi's Purple Coins - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

How hard can it be? (That was not a question, nor a rhetorical one. I tried it and it is one of the easiest levels in the game)

This is HARD but has plenty of coins with a low time to do it in.

You need to be careful with where you step or you'll find yourself running out of places to stand. Also it's times.

Goodness gracious, how do people find this hard?

7 Dreadnought's Garbage Dump - Dreadnought Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

You have to throw your bombs on the gold spots on the floor. Hard, right? I only figured it out by watching someone else play it.

This and Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos made me go mentally insane (jokingly speaking).

Now here is an actual challenge, nothing above besides the grandmaster perfect run

I thought it was going to be challenging. I was right. Why isn't this higher?

8 Purple Coins in the Bone Pen - Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

It is hard because you have one minute. There are 149 Purple Coins (Toad lied to us). You do not have to get all of them, but that doesn't make it any easier. With the strict time limit, you have very little (if any) room to mess up. To avoid a Game Over, you should try to make friends with the 1-UP's before going in the level, they also have extra life and 1-UP mushrooms, because it's THAT hard.

To be honest, to me, it isn't THAT hard. In my personal top 10, this one doesn't appear, all you gotta do is making sure you keep moving, no matter where you move to but keep moving and don't pull yourself to some mines or stuck in between those chicken bone looking things. That's what they remind me to.

I was worried this would be a challenge, because I have heard from a lot of people that it is. Oops, my bad. It wasn't hard after all!

Took me two tries. The first time I was unable to reach the star in time. The second time I reached it in time

9 Purple Coins On the Summit - Freezeflame Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Am I the only one that thinks this is very out of place? As well as the luigi purple coin levels?

Not hard. It is just a bunch of coins. Not very many obstacles

Let's do a game show. What is harder, fighting a 10x deadlier fiery version of Gobblegut, or collecting 100 measly purple coins? I say fiery Gobblegut! Get outta this spot, purple coins on the summit

This shouldn't even be on the list

10 Throwback Throwdown Speed Run - Boss Blitz Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I was sweating over this one. Took me many tries. Fiery Dino piranha sure is a feisty one. And I was worried about bouldergeist... I worried about the wrong boss

How is this so low on the list? This is harder than most of the stuff above it, in my opinion this and lava spire should be swapped.

Absolutely awful level...when I did finish I finished with 8 seconds left!

Why is this down here? Does no one else struggle with fiery Dino piranha?

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11 Roller Coasters Purple Coins - Roller Coaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Took me maybe, MAYBE ten tries. The last green star is harder

Do u know how to steer? If so, ten tries is a lot for this level. They put bonus coins in!

If u know how to steer, it is somewhat hard to lose at this

I wish this level didn’t exist. It deserves to burn

12 Ghost Ship Daredevil Run - Deep Dark Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I don't understand how people can think that Luigi's Purple Coins or the Lava Spire Daredevil run are THAT hard. I personally have a lot more trouble on this level.

The music of this galaxy is cool. The rest is not.


seriously this is extremely difficult not perfect run level but much harder than other stars

I’m honestly surprised that people don’t complain about this star. They all think Bouldergeist is difficult. Bouldergeist is the easiest daredevil run in the game. This one is a bitch.

13 The Electric Labyrinth - Bubble Blast Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I was totally annoyed of this level because of how many tries and GAME-OVERs it took me to get the PERFECT timing...

Tricky and very annoying.

It wouldn't be. Hard if it weren't for that stupid bubble

I could not even do this because it is so hard

14 Snacktime for Gobblegut - Battle Belt Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Least favorite level in game as a kid, more so than perfect run. Much better now but most people struggle for a few lives at least.

Fire+dragon+lava craters+six bubbles+6 lives= lots of chaos. I beat it, but it is hard! Why in the world does luigis purple coins or purple coins on the summit fall above this? Wait... This isn't even on the list? Does everyone else magically beat a hard boss like this first try? Well, I shouldn't complain. I do with bouldergeist. BOTH runs

I hate fiery bosses. It adds so much chaos and damage where there doesn't have to be, in my opinion. Took me forever to beat. I guess it is part of the game though

15 Purple Coins in the Desert - Dusty Dune Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Okay, let me say something here. I hate this stupid level. Once I got 97 coins and I realized the other three were on top of the thwomp. So I made my way there with one life and I got so close. Then I just fall in the sand. The tornadoes are terrible. Dusty Dune is my least favorite level in the game. This is a true story. I HATE THIS SO MUCH!

This is the worst level ever!
First, let's talk about the tornadoes. The tornadoes are basically there to annoy you and make you sink instead. Next off, playing the level as Luigi, Luigi is practically the worst character in the game, because his sliding can make stuff go hard. And when I play this level as luigi, 4 game overs. I am still trying to accomplish this level to this day, same as Luigi's Purple Coins

16 Luigi on the Roof - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

This level is so hard, I've game overed 5 times on this level alone. Should be above perfect run tbh

You forgot how hard it is that you have to speak to the mail toad yes actually speak to get a picture which you then have to look at and find out where it is. This could have been the final level alone

To get to Luigi you have to triple jump! Or an even harder way is to side/backflip, wall jump off the wall and spin to get to the top of the house! Luckily I found an easier way which is using the orange pipe to get up! But even in there you have to go to the top of the pipe area and then go through another pipe! How is this not number one! The hardest part is when Luigi gives you the star. You have to jump(yes JUMP) to barely nab the star. Luigi's Purple Coins and Lava Spire Daredevil Run I did without dying once first try. I got all 150 of the coins on Luigi's Purple Coins and had 2:00 left. You guys are all dumb and don't understand true difficulty. Come on, guys! GET IT TOGETHER! UNDERSTAND THE TRUE DIFFICULT MASTERPIECE!


17 The Chimps Ultimate Skating Challenge - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This only took me a couple of tries

18 Burning Upside Dizzy - Upside Dizzy Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is hard like the garbage dump but instead fire power up and these boxes and only 20 seconds! Why is there a time limit?!

Hey Confederate robot, why don't you stop enslaving me to pick up your trash? 1 box left. Yet still too lazy to pick it up. I hate the robot in this one.

This is the hardest level in the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME. Once my dad did it and he needed ONE MORE fire bounce.

Why is this so low this one should be higher! This is like the trash stars from galaxy 1 but. harder You have 10 seconds less then the ones from galaxy 1 and more to destroy, plus FIRE FLOWER!

19 C'mere Topman - Space Storm Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
20 Bouncing Down Cake Lane - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

The boss isn't that hard. What's hard is controlling spring Mario

There are so many platforms and includes a hard boss

21 Dino Piranha Speed Run - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

That's okay, practice makes perfect.

I can't comprehend this being hard

I can't DO it that quick.

Dino piranha is the easiest boss ever. Just run right by his side and spin, and u can beat him in practically beat him in ten seconds. Charge the beast that charges u, but swerve at the last second

22 The Fate Of The Universe - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor - Super Mario Galaxy

Fun but very difficult level

All the sections throw one thing you have done
previously in the game in your face with a new challange at your hands

23 Purple Coins On the Puzzle Cube - Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I can't do it really quick and I keep on running into the walls

This level is so easy

Purple coins on the puzzle cube

Average hard meter of purple coins (in my opinion): |||||
Average hard rating of fast foe or daredevil (in my opinion) |||||||||
This should be considerably lower

24 Through the Meteor Storm - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

It's not so hard until the end; however the beginning can be a bit confusing; Nathaniel Bandy said he couldn't figure out what to do when he first went for it

That was just sheer hell trying to get through that level

25 The Chimps Score Challenge - Honeyhop Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2


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