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1 The Perfect Run - Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I beat this the day I got it with a friends help. I got this star the day I unlocked grandmaster Galaxy. Freeze koopas, knock them off ledge. P2 can freeze them while P1 kills them, or P2 can freeze and spin over and over until they fall. Duck under boomerangs and rockets. The sentry beam and red and blue thing and octopus part is the real catch. On the pull star part, skip the last half of the electric things. Long jump off platform and catch pull star. Shake to go down and then pull yourself up over the whole thing and lath to the furthest pull star in reach, repeatedly

This level so hard 1 needed 241 (1 is the normal version of grand master galaxy)2 many planet have yoshi to out the planet with many thing that hurt Mario 3 it is daredevil

This level requires skill. There are many reasons. 1. Daredevil - you have one life to do the whole thing which is not easy 2. Hammer bros - you have to get rid of the blue ones but avoid hammers and discs and them themselves 3. Lazer - a lot of lazer is used in the level on the flipswitch bit and one on the green thingy. I could say much more

I'm glad this star didn't get as much "I beat this with my first try" / "This is super easy" / "Good Egg Galaxy should be higher on this list" comments as other stars that are actually hard, because all the stars on this list are really hard. All the people that say some of the previous stuff are either trolls or are lying. Well, maybe some are not lying, but if you take that nearly or more than 50% of the comments says that stuff, I'm pretty sure some are lying about that.
Anyways, this star deserves to be number 1 obviously, it is so hard to complete the level even when playing the normal level. It's nearly impossible, it's that hard. - Bokito

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2 Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

My god, 7 out of 11 comments posted said that this star was incredibly easy and that they completed this star with one try and questioning themselves why Good Egg Galaxy isn't here if this one is. That is impossible, some of you are trolls or liars. I'm not saying ALL of you are, because some people might actually have completed this with one try, but 64% of the people thinking it's easy is simply impossible, it is a very hard level and no way so many people didn't have a hard time with this.
This level is absolutely insane. I usually get through all the parts except the last one pretty easy (though sometimes I make a mistake) but that last part is insanely hard. I often die here when attempting this. And wherever you stop, you go back to the stupid start of the level. Ugh! So hard! - Bokito

With everything up until the spire, be on top guard. Eliminate all does one at a time. With the spire, long jump often, give even a millisecond of attention to enemies and glass and star bits and question cubes never

Good God, going through the most intense galaxy in the game with ONE LIFE

If Good Egg Galaxy isn't up here, why is this?

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3 Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run - Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I chose this one because It's too hard for me and do it over and over again and I ask my dad to try it but he can try for a few times then I try to do the rest

I don, t know why you guys are rubbish at video games but i, m speaking from my advise that this is the 4th easiest boss in the game on my first time I beat him I actully felt sorry for him that I kicked his ass so hard

This is one of the hardest video game levels EVER. I spent 11 lives to finish it!

This took me 15 attempts.

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4 Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - Mario Squared Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Why is this all the way up here? Something more like Boss Blitz speed run should be up here. Or the dreadnought garbage dump, or stone cyclone, or something actually hard

There is a sort of pattern to follow that makes it easy. Just jump over the cosmic guys. This isn't very hard

This is the same as the first except for one thing. Cosmic guys.

Couldn't complete this galaxy.

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5 Luigi's Purple Coins - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

This is HARD but has plenty of coins with a low time to do it in.

How hard can it be? (That was not a question, nor a rhetorical one. I tried it and it is one of the easiest levels in the game)

You need to be careful with where you step or you'll find yourself running out of places to stand. Also it's times.

Goodness gracious, how do people find this hard?

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6 Battlestation's Purple Coins - Dreadnought Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

The smasher is the only hard part. How is this harder than the garbage dump on the same level, or other levels actually hard?

I was amazed when I found out how hard it was. I would never see that again.

One of the hardest stars of the game. I say it's the third hardest star.

As long as u know to get the ones on top of the smasher, this is easy. Duck under bombs, fellow ducks

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7 Purple Coins in the Bone Pen - Super Mario Galaxy

To be honest, to me, it isn't THAT hard. In my personal top 10, this one doesn't appear, all you gotta do is making sure you keep moving, no matter where you move to but keep moving and don't pull yourself to some mines or stuck in between those chicken bone looking things. That's what they remind me to. - Bokito

I was worried this would be a challenge, because I have heard from a lot of people that it is. Oops, my bad. It wasn't hard after all!

Took me two tries. The first time I was unable to reach the star in time. The second time I reached it in time

Nathaniel Bandy Wouldn't Say That - ChiefMudkip

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8 Dreadnought's Garbage Dump - Super Mario Galaxy

You have to throw your bombs on the gold spots on the floor. Hard, right? I only figured it out by watching someone else play it.

Now here is an actual challenge, nothing above besides the grandmaster perfect run

I thought it was going to be challenging. I was right. Why isn't this higher?

Why is this down here? Does everyone else's bombs blow up in time?

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9 Purple Coins On the Summit - Freezeflame Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

Am I the only one that thinks this is very out of place? As well as the luigi purple coin levels?

Not hard. It is just a bunch of coins. Not very many obstacles

Let's do a game show. What is harder, fighting a 10x deadlier fiery version of Gobblegut, or collecting 100 measly purple coins? I say fiery Gobblegut! Get outta this spot, purple coins on the summit

This shouldn't even be on the list

10 Throwback Throwdown Speed Run - Boss Blitz Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I was sweating over this one. Took me many tries. Fiery Dino piranha sure is a feisty one. And I was worried about bouldergeist... I worried about the wrong boss

Why is this down here? Does no one else struggle with fiery Dino piranha?

This is so hard. I cannot do those bosses THAT quick!

This is the second hardest level in the game

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11 The Electric Labyrinth - Super Mario Galaxy

I was totally annoyed of this level because of how many tries and GAME-OVERs it took me to get the PERFECT timing...

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12 Roller Coasters Purple Coins - Roller Coaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Took me maybe, MAYBE ten tries. The last green star is harder

Do u know how to steer? If so, ten tries is a lot for this level. They put bonus coins in!

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13 Bouncing Down Cake Lane - Toy Time Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

The boss isn't that hard. What's hard is controlling spring Mario

There are so many platforms and includes a hard boss

14 The Chimps Ultimate Skating Challenge - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This only took me a couple of tries

15 Purple Coins On the Puzzle Cube - Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I can't do it really quick and I keep on running into the walls

Purple coins on the puzzle cube

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16 Dino Piranha Speed Run - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

That's okay, practice makes perfect.

I can't comprehend this being hard

Dino piranha is the easiest boss ever. Just run right by his side and spin, and u can beat him in practically beat him in ten seconds. Charge the beast that charges u, but swerve at the last second

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17 Snacktime for Gobblegut

Fire+dragon+lava craters+six bubbles+6 lives= lots of chaos. I beat it, but it is hard! Why in the world does luigis purple coins or purple coins on the summit fall above this? Wait... This isn't even on the list? Does everyone else magically beat a hard boss like this first try? Well, I shouldn't complain. I do with bouldergeist. BOTH runs

I hate fiery bosses. It adds so much chaos and damage where there doesn't have to be, in my opinion. Took me forever to beat. I guess it is part of the game though

18 Burning Upside Dizzy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is hard like the garbage dump but instead fire power up and these boxes and only 20 seconds! Why is there a time limit?!

This is the hardest level in the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME. Once my dad did it and he needed ONE MORE fire bounce.

Compared to dreadnought Galaxy, where u have to blow up trash, this is easy. Took me around twenty tries

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19 Sling Pod Galaxy

I hate this level. Took me a bunch of tries, around the lane of fire bars

I always miss around the fire bar part, or hit the fire bar and fall

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20 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy - Galaxy One

All of the ball rolling levels are really only difficult if you try to rush them too much, but this one in particular *makes* you rush it. Loopdeswoop is a lot more difficult in my opinion, but both have a decent amount of difficulty.

So stupid why hasn't this been mentioned yet

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2. Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
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1. The Perfect Run - Grandmaster Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. Lava Spire Daredevil Run - Melty Molten Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
3. Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos - Mario Squared Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2



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