Top 10 Hardest Super Smash Bros Melee Events

What are the hardest Super Smash Bros Melee Events?

The Top Ten

1 The Showdown

I'm not sure how, but I beat this event with Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Master Hand - Gehenna

Every time I play this, no matter which character I choose, I always go down to two lives in the first minute. - Azurin13

Oh that's frustrating... - Gehenna

I always use Jigglypuff since I can use the Rest attack to easly take out Giga Boswer but its still pretty difficult taking out Mewtwo and Ganondorf. - egnomac

2 Time for a Checkup

For me, Luigi is one of my mains, but that does not make the level easier. I fail in like 10 seconds. - Azurin13

This event is so brutally difficult both Dr. Mario and Peach are so overpowered that I barely last more than a few seconds. - egnomac

3 Trophy Tussle 3

Majora's Mask is so cramped. - Azurin13

4 Seven Years

Link level 9 CPUs are so hard! - Azurin13

5 Final Destination Match
6 Super Mario Bros 2
7 All Star Match Deluxe

You have to fight six characters in only four minutes. - Azurin13

How to fail this event, run out of time. - Gehenna

8 Space Travelers
9 Link's Adventure
10 Pikachu and Pichu

This event is so annoying as you can't move. - Azurin13

If you die, you fail! If you kill a Pichu, You fail! If the opponent kills the Pichu, you fail! If the Pichu kills itself, you fail! If your body is not ready, you fail! Jesus, it's like everything you do in this event makes you fail. :( - Gehenna

The Contenders

11 Fire Emblem Pride
12 Birds of Prey
13 Trouble King 2
14 Lethal Marathon
15 All Star Match 4
16 Peach's Peril
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