Top 10 Hardest Super Smash Bros Melee Events

What are the hardest Super Smash Bros Melee Events?

The Top Ten

1 The Showdown

Every time I play this, no matter which character I choose, I always go down to two lives in the first minute. - Azurin13

I always use Jigglypuff since I can use the Rest attack to easly take out Giga Boswer but its still pretty difficult taking out Mewtwo and Ganondorf. - egnomac

2 Time for a Checkup

For me, Luigi is one of my mains, but that does not make the level easier. I fail in like 10 seconds. - Azurin13

This event is so brutally difficult both Dr. Mario and Peach are so overpowered that I barely last more than a few seconds. - egnomac

3 Trophy Tussle 3

Majora's Mask is so cramped. - Azurin13

4 Seven Years

Link level 9 CPUs are so hard! - Azurin13

5 Final Destination Match
6 Super Mario Bros 2
7 All Star Match Deluxe

You have to fight six characters in only four minutes. - Azurin13

8 Space Travelers
9 Link's Adventure
10 Fire Emblem Pride

The Contenders

11 Pikachu and Pichu

This event is so annoying as you can't move. - Azurin13

12 Birds of Prey
13 Trouble King 2
14 Lethal Marathon
15 All Star Match 4
16 Peach's Peril
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