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1 Goodbye

Miss my deceased family members but everyone's gotta die someday. At least their in a better place. I also miss my family that runaway from us. Well I got issues but the most important thing is to look right in front of you.

Advice: Say "See you later." I think it's in that movie with Denzel Washington.

Depending on who your saying it to, it could be a heartbreaking/debilitating time.

I hate saying goodbye

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2 I Love You

So I have a crush on someone and I wanted to say I love you to him, but went I came up to him I just started screaming I like pie I like pie and save the animals and follow me on scratch and other stupid random things, and now I think he finds me weird, FAIL TO ME.

I Love You & Sorry are the hardest Words to say! - Curti2594

Especially if it's like the first time and you don't know if she/he likes you or not. - moonwolf


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3 You Were Right

I hate saying that. So I don't. I keep on arguing - AnonymousChick

Now this should be number 1. - Minecraftcrazy530

Laugh out loud when like you say something wrong, and somebody corrects it.
"YOU WERE RIGHT" - SuperBacca

4 I'm Sorry

Serious dilemma between I Love You and I'm Sorry, but in the end, I do think that the ability to say I'm sorry, is a real test of character and very admirable - keycha1n

I'm sorry, but I kind of killed your family... So. Haha if that ACTUALLY happened though. - NerdyPweeps

Its hard to say if you are in a big fight with a best friend.


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5 I Forgive You

Someone recently forgave me while I was quite ill. I was instantly strengthened and able to arise and walk about, humming a tune and annoying everyone within half a mile! If you're reading this, I give you a warm thank-you! - beatles

That's what Jesus does, everyday. However, it's not as easy for other people. Can you forgive someone who cheated on you? Can you forgive someone that tried to murder you? The answer is probably no. - ethanmeinster

Actually it's too easy for me. I'm too forgiving - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

6 Marry Me
7 I'm Dying

I'm dying of laughter.

8 I Want a Divorce
9 I've Lost My Job
10 You're Adopted

My sister is adopted and she still doesn't know... I can't even imagine my lips forming those two simple words to her.

Now my family loves to joke aboot this but we only joke aboot it! If this was true them the home Videos lied!

But I can understand how how it would be to tell your own kid that your not really the parent! - Curti2594

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11 Money Is Not Everything
12 I'm Pregnant

It's A Good Thing

Her:i'm pregnant.
Him:ohhh good I'm going to be a dad!
Him:what do you mean "what? "
Her:ok I admit it was.. Barney!
Him:damn! Maybe I can get Dora pregnant to!
Her:YOUR A PEDOFILE! - fierceoni226

13 Will You Go Out With Me
14 I'm Gay

In my opinion some of the toughest words to leave your mouth! Still unable to say them myself to my family!

15 I Killed a Man

Put a Gun against his head pulled the Trigger now he's dead Mama - Curti2594

MAMA! OO... Didn't mean to make you cry! If I'm not here this time again tomorrow, carry on, carry on, nothing really matters. - ethanmeinster

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16 I Failed

Especially if you're telling your mom you failed on an exam - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

17 I'm Breaking Up With You

It's extremely hard if you love the person you are breaking from. - Britgirl

18 I Hate You

Maybe I should say this to Justin Bieber

I made a parody to Girlfriend to this guy who has a crush on him and then said I hate you. "Hey hey you you I am not your girlfriend no way no way think you need a new crush hey hey you youI won't be your girlfriend - AnonymousChick

This is extremely easy to say - TwilightKitsune

Anakin To Obi Wan

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19 I've Been Seeing Someone Behind Your Back

Who would say that? Even if they did? - LokiLaufeyson2000

20 I Have a Fetish

These are very Hard to Admit to anyone who does not already have one! Fact is We all have a Fetish of some sort what it is though is up to you! - Curti2594

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21 No

It can be heartbreaking to have to say this, especially to someone you love. - Britgirl

22 I Lied to You
23 I'm Bisexual
24 I'm Fine

To the person who added this: thank you. That's reassuring to know. I'm absolutely fine too... - Britgirl

I can't say I'm fine cause the truth is I'm not fine

25 Thank You!
26 I Don't Like You
27 You're a Poor Teacher

This is such a difficult and sentimental thing to utter... - HezarioSeth

28 He's Dead
29 I'm Batman

But, I'm batman I mean, have you ever seen me and him in the same room together

Great. Know Joker knows your secret identity. - letdot52

Totally impossible to say

I said this to everyone I know - venomouskillingmachine

30 I Love Your Girlfriend
31 I Want You Back
32 I Can't Go Back
33 I Cheated On You

So,whats the big deal? Done it with all my 9 wives and am fine with saying this as long as its after we have sex.

I have said this with all my 9 wives, and am comferteble as long as I say it after we have sex.

34 I Have a Secret
35 I Still Love You
36 I Have to Leave You
37 I Like You
38 I Want to Die

Very hard to say! - Garythesnail

39 She's Dead
40 Trick or Treat
41 I Didn't Do My Homework
42 I Was Wrong
43 Your Friend is Dead
44 I Don't Want to Go to College
45 I Am Your Father

Darth Vader - Jackal2272

46 I Started My Period

Yup. Horrible and awkward.

47 I Miss You
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