How to Win Someone's Heart

I am quite romantic and I have ways of knowing how to win someone's heart, now of course this is not a 100% guarantee but I think it works

The Top Ten How to Win Someone's Heart

1 Compliment Them

Everyone loves compliments, compliments give that feeling that you're special.. Wanted.. Appreciated - Sillykitty

This also applys to friendships as well, not just romantic ones. - RiverClanRocks

Of course. So you know you are girl. Or man. And they have eyes on you and not the wall

2 Caress Their Face and Tell Them They're Beautiful

Be careful with this one, even though when done correctly, it really works!

If u really love someone tell them OR its too late... MY BEST WISHES

I hope you don't take off too quick with this one! - PositronWildhawk

I think this makes someone feel truly wanted and loved - Sillykitty

3 Give Gifts

Gifts don't win the heart but I know that when I get a gift I feel as if that person is giving me something dear. it doesn't have to be something you buy, it can be a home-made card, a bracelet you make - Sillykitty

Yes then you feel appreciated. And get idea. Where you are in life and fun to give to if you have a normal life

Love not always demand for a GIFT u have the power to express your love in words

I like somebody, but not gonna say the gender, anyways earlier I saw this person that I think is cute. And that gave me a flower so I looked at it and then them. They we’re looking at something else, so I tore it in half and I was gonna give them a half and me a half. But I said in my head, “What’s the point.” And put it somewhere. I wrapped my arm around them and I think they like me.. so there you have it!

4 Text Them and Call Them

Everybody does that nowadays. If you can write a letter and post it to her / his adress, she or he will be more surprised ( in a good way ) than a text on her Phone or computer. It's handwritten, she / he can hold the paper in her / his hand that was first in your hands etc... It's more romantic and it shows also that you do something out of the ordinary and do something that nobody or almost anybody does.

Yes. But don't just you text the most text call back to or else you end up on texting you fingers of. How. Stupid is that

Give them a few texts and calls saying "I miss you" or "I love you" - Sillykitty

5 Tell Them Your Inner Thoughts

I love intimate conversations, they're what truly fosters trust, respect, and closeness! - keycha1n

Don't hesitate, tell him/her how you feel towards them passionately and romantically - Sillykitty

6 Give Poems

I always do these nice things with my friends and my boyfriend Finley Hodges.

You're perfect, beautiful, and care about me.
To be with you, is my only plea.
You don't get jealous, and you don't get mad,
I look to you, when I am sad.
You don't judge, and listen well,
To you, everything, I can tell.
From your melted cheese, and delicious crust,
You, I love, and you I trust.


I'm pretty proud of that one, not gonna lie. Like I made that up on the spot! - keycha1n

Give them poems, it is so simple but yet so touching - Sillykitty

It happens in my class most of the time. - Animefan12

7 Dedicate Romantic Songs

I love that song

A few ideas:
-Cupid by 112
-All my heart by sleeping with sirens
-Stay with me by Sam smith - Sillykitty

8 Be Gentle

Don't be rough, be gentle, sweet - Sillykitty

Mistakes are committed by everyone but it does not mean that you shout at them

Yelling won't win smeone's heart over. Unless they dig yelling... - Turkeyasylum

i want him

9 Be You

That's what the most important thing for building trust. Winning the heart of the one you love while being yourself will always guarantee an everlasting trust in the relationship. - Kiteretsunu

Don't imitate someone else because in the end they will have to meet the real you and you are the best there is out there. - Sillykitty

Be you never work but if you life not normal then it happens

I am myself - Oliversky

10 Make Them Feel Special

The Contenders

11 Look Into Their Eyes

I have never broken eye contact and it doesn't seem to be working. My computer doesn't love me back

Good idea

12 Respect Them
13 Be Romantic

The kry to a good relationship is to do something spesial with the person you like.
IT doesn't have to be something expensive and fancy, its okay to go to the mall and fins something interessing to talk about

14 Be Friendly

Every friend should love me then only I will respect.

It's important to be friendly

15 Joke Around With

There will think that you are a nice person to have around because you make them laugh and also be daring at times like during atruth or dare game. When you get a dare, don't be afraid to do it, if u don't do it, they won't you are fun anymore.

16 Never Try to Act Cool
17 Be a True Friend

First, y'all must be friendly - Animefan12

Through problems, confusions, anger. Your lover's and your own.
Accept, forgive.
Relationships are built strong on a solid foundation of Friendship.
No one will be perfect in this, every step of the way, but try and try again.
(Refer to user PetSounds' list of Top Ten Qualities That Define A True Friend). - Lancelot

18 Be Yourself
19 Be Nice

Be nice is cool.

20 Hold Up a Smile Always

Smile can win anyone's heart and make others day even urs too. So laugh broadly.

21 Be Available When Needed
22 Be Cute
23 Be Normal
24 Focus on yourself too

Sometimes you just need space so focus on what comforts you if you don't like him to comfort you
-random stranger giving you tips
focus on yourself to make him chase you

25 Be Respected
26 Be Sincere

Really mean what you are saying and back it up with action.

27 Feel Proud with that Person
28 Be Always Positive
29 Love Them
30 Stand with Them
31 Sacrifice

Spiritual scholar khawaja shamsuddin azeemi describes the defination of true love is sacrifice.To sacrifice for your love one in such a manner that you don't want anything in if we sacrifice for our special one in such context no doubt our love will be immortal

32 Don't Be a Try Hard

Seeming desperate can ruin everything depending on what type of person you're trying to win.

33 Tell Them How Much You Care

Not just by doing nice gestruse you can win someones heart but by letting them now your there and how much you care

34 Let Things Go by Itself

Be chill and let other things go by itself then you gonna win what you desire

When Things Go By Everything it's On A Great Mood

35 Cry with Them

People love when you cry for them it shows how much feelings you share with them

36 Always be there for them
37 Make Time for Them

"Doesn't matter where you guys go as long as you're spending quality time together."

38 Be Caring
39 Be Loving

People love it when they know you care.

40 Be Patient
41 Be the Real You

Don't act like anyone else just be you

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