Top Ten Ideas for Future the Simpsons Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Hank Scorpio returns and takes over the Nuclear Power Plant

Oh my god. yes. we need another hank scorpio episode - taishisohma

2 The Simpsons switch bodies

Bart switches with Lisa, Homer switches with Marge and Maggie switches with Grandpa, this could be a good idea for a future Treehouse of Horror episode... - RickyReeves

3 One More Simpsons Clipshow

I know Al Jean doesn't want to do any more clipshows, but it could be a way to celebrate the shows 600th Episode in 2016/17 - RickyReeves

4 American Dad/Simpsons Crossover


5 Maude Flanders comes back from the dead

The only way to make Ned happy again - RickyReeves

6 Chief Wiggum loses his job

I know this was a part of Season 8, but it could be used as a main plot. - RickyReeves

7 Mr Smithers finally admits his feelings for Mr Burns
8 Homer runs the Power Plant for a day
9 Bart gets an 'A'

Just saying this has happened in a test about planets

10 The series officially concludes

Change the channel.

The Contenders

11 Another Summer of 4 Ft. 2

My Favourite Episode

This Would Be Amazing Because The First One Was The BEST SIMPSONS EPISODE EVER

12 A Bumblebee Man centered episode
13 Fat Furious

Homer enters a competition of illegal race

14 Smithers finally reveals his love to Mr. Burns. Hilarity ensues.

It wasn't there when I first looked at the list.

This idea is already on the list... - RickyReeves

15 Another Who Shot Mr. Burns?

One was enough. Another one isn't necessary - RickyReeves

16 South Park and Simpsons Crossover

Well Bart and Milhouse watch it at the beginning of one episode. But I don't think a crossover would work.

17 Another All Singing, All Dancing.

Maybe add a parody of another musical before it again.


18 An episode of Bart in 5th grade.

It would be interesting. Then again, it would be a huge change.

19 Teen v8

Homer gets his teenhood green car back (forgood) so save his relationship with marge.

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