Top Ten Most Immature People and Groups On the Internet


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61 Otherkins

Nope, you're not an animal inside a human body. That's biologically and psychologically impossible. You're just a human. - drdevil

62 BlueSpike
63 Angry Video Game Nerd Fans

AVGN is a great reviewer yes, but not every reviewer who reviews the same game he does, or certain other reviewers who act angry and curse and such like Filmnstuff or ones who provide walkthroughs like Aqualung are "rip-offs". - SailorSedna

64 Fetishists

They should at least keep their fetishes to themselves and not be so open about them.

65 Offensive Jokesters

Today, they're joking about a recent shooting. - BlueBobYT

66 Tumblr Feminists

They give real feminists a bad rap. Heck, these so-called "feminists" a.k.a. SJWs aren't actually feminists, but rather misandrists. Real feminists stand for equal rights for both genders.

67 Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists
68 Modifyers Fans/ModiFantards
69 Kiwi Farmers
70 Team Ten
71 Jailyne Ojeda Jailyne Ojeda
72 Toad (Mario Games) Haters
73 Wendy (Mario) Fans
74 Yoshi (Mario Bros) Fans
75 Mr A.T.Andrei Thomas

He needs to chill out. He gets so triggered by criticism. - drdevil

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