Indianapolis Colts Players Going Into the 2019 Season

The Top Ten

1 Quenton Nelson

Just think a Colts guard made the pro bowl and all pro he is definitely one of the top offensive linemen that teams like the Vikings would kill for - RawIsgore

2 Darius Leonard

A good line backer got 7 sacks and 2 INT last season he should improve considering this is his second season - RawIsgore

3 Marlon Mack

He is definitely getting more carries this season and he should break 1,000 yards if he stays healthy - RawIsgore

4 Ty Hilton Eugene Marquis commonly known in the NFL as ''T.Y Hilton'' Is an American wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Hilton was drafted in the 3rd round ninety two overall to the Colts in 2012.

Hilton has set him self as one of the best receivers in the league getting over 1,200 yards last season will see how he handles on a new quarterback but it shouldn’t change him too much - RawIsgore

5 Justin Houston Justin Donovan Houston is an American football outside linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

A potential hall of famer got 22 sacks in 2014 and got 9 sacks last season so it doesn’t look like he is done yet - RawIsgore

6 Eric Ebron Eric Ebron is an American football tight end for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

750 yards last season the former Detroit TE had Ebron is a key component in the Colts receiving core - RawIsgore

7 Malik Hooker

He has 5 INT in his last 2 seasons he mostly known for his pass coverage then his hands anyways - RawIsgore

8 Adam Vinatieri

The best kicker of all time in my opinion old man Vinatieri may be on his last season but he can still kick like a pro athlete - RawIsgore

9 Jacoby Brissett

He don’t know too much about Jacoby other then his brief appearance in 2017 before he had a o line so he was running for his life in that season will see what he can do now - RawIsgore

10 Mark Glowinski

The Contenders

11 Margus Hunt

A improving DT who went from having no sacks in his 5 seasons to 5 sacks in 1 season - RawIsgore

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