Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens Statistics In July 2015

The Top Ten

The 2012 London Olympics List is still the most popular list

That list is really getting old. Its 2015 not 2012 anymore. - cosmo

Once again, another list made too early. (Just at the middle of the month)-_- But you are still a good user, though. - EpicJake

It was made 3 years ago. Why does it still get votes? - nintendofan126

Come on! It's so annoying that list! - Therandom

PositronWildhawk has the 3rd highest member score
Kormo has the 10th most lists
10 users have more than 200 followers

I'm about to have 200 followers. - EpicJake

Britgirl reached 400 followers
EpicJake reached 3000 comments

Thank you for adding this item. - EpicJake

Ajkloth is still not in the top 100 most followed

We all need to follow him. - EpicJake

Best Rappers of All Time is the most remixed list
15 users have more than 500 lists
20 lists have more than 1000 items

The Contenders

The Weirdest Facts list surpassed the Best Insults list
Cosmo has the fourth most followers
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