Top Ten Kirby Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Brothers

Kirby! The Pink Cute Cuddly Puffball of Doom, a series that definitely needs at least one more character in Smash.

The Top Ten

1 Bandana Waddle Dee

He is becoming part of the main 4 kirby characters, appearing in almost every game now. - CatsOMG

It's an obvious one. How could you NOT want Bandana Dee as a new Kirby rep if we got one? - Goombaic

Only valid choice here - FormulaOneHero

2 Adeleine

Interesting idea. Would rather have other characters, but still interesting. - Goombaic

My #1 choice along with tapu koko, mimikyu,and latios

3 Magolor Magolor Magolor is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

He'd be a cool character to have in Smash. - Garythesnail

I liked Magolor in RTDL. I get why people want him for Smash, even though I honestly don't want him in that much. - Goombaic

4 Marx

This guy scared me. He still scares me today, and seeing him in Smash would be terrifying, especially with Marx Soul as a Final Smash. - Goombaic

5 Knuckle Joe

A literal FIGHTER. Another obvious pick, but not possible anymore with the assist trophy. Maybe in the next game if there'll even be one - Goombaic


6 Daroach

Squak Squad needs representation. That's my only reason of why I would like Daroach. - Goombaic

7 0

The true main antagonist of Dreamland 3 and Crystal Shards, 0 has left an impression (of course, a floating giant eye that looks creepy would obviously catch attention in Kirby). - Goombaic

8 Prince Fluff

Because Yarn Kirby apparently needs representation. I liked Yarn Kirby, but Prince Fluff would be one of my last picks of recognizable Kirby characters to put in Smash. - Goombaic

I would like for him to be in smash

9 Yarn Kirby

Some people actually want Yarn Kirby in Smash, and not as an alt. Some of these people also want Yarn Yoshi in Smash... OK? - Goombaic

10 Galacta Knight

Hmm yeah that would be cool...


The Contenders

11 Dark Matter
12 Whispy Woods

I would laugh if this actually happened. I'd still use him though. - Garythesnail

13 Susie

Susie should be in smash

Best Kirby Planet Roboot Charcter Not In Smash Rather Than Bandanna Dee

14 Gooey
15 Masked Dedede

Not A Clone Of Dedede

16 Sword Knight
17 Ribbon
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