Top Ten Kirby Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Brothers

Kirby! The Pink Cute Cuddly Puffball of Doom, a series that definitely needs at least one more character in Smash.

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1 Bandana Waddle Dee

The main four playable characters are Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee. We already have three out of four in Smash, so adding the fourth would only make sense

He is becoming part of the main 4 kirby characters, appearing in almost every game now. - CatsOMG

It's an obvious one. How could you NOT want Bandana Dee as a new Kirby rep if we got one? - Goombaic

He’s always been part of the main four of the Kirby series. Not only he’s popular and that he appears in Return to Dreamland & Star Allies, (maybe hinting Crystal Shards as well) he truly alone starred along with Kirby in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse/Magic Paintbrush. He needs to be in to complete the Fantastic 4 version of the Kirby Franchise

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2 Adeleine

Interesting idea. Would rather have other characters, but still interesting. - Goombaic

My #1 choice along with tapu koko, mimikyu,and latios

The problem with Adelieine is that she hasn’t been appearing in recent games,it doesn’t help the fact that She isn’t Sakurai creation, she doesn’t have a big chance,Although Sakurai did state that he would be adding characters that been requested for a long time which could aid her but I just don’t see it happening.Maybe in the next game if there is one then I could see her joining if they add Bandana Dee,Magolor, Marx,Susie and Gooey first I guess?

3 Marx

This guy scared me. He still scares me today, and seeing him in Smash would be terrifying, especially with Marx Soul as a Final Smash. - Goombaic

Marx was the first video game villain I ever fought. Needless to say, I love him.

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4 Magolor Magolor Magolor is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

He'd be cool to have as a playable character, but I see him being more likely to just be an Assist Trophy. But hey, with the concept of having a Dream Friend in Star Allies, maybe he can? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He'd be a cool character to have in Smash. - Garythesnail

I liked Magolor in RTDL. I get why people want him for Smash, even though I honestly don't want him in that much. - Goombaic

Unique moveset,a villain,a Kirby representative and a popular well requested character in Japan.Magolor would be a perfect addition to the roster,I could see him and Bandana Dee in the base roster of Smash Bros ultimate, the reason I say base roster is because he is one of the most requested characters in the ballot alongside Bandana Dee,he is a profile picture instead of Bandana Dee for the switch and is a relevant character to be considered into Smash but is pretty unlikely due to Sakurai not wanting to over represent his series and even then Bandana Dee is the only Kirby character with maybe Magolor in the base roster.Marx and Magolor could be featured in dlc but we’ll just have to wait in 6 months.

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5 Knuckle Joe

A literal FIGHTER. Another obvious pick, but not possible anymore with the assist trophy. Maybe in the next game if there'll even be one - Goombaic


He would be a neat addition to the roster if it wasn’t for Bandana Dee,Adeleine or Magolor being top priority characters.I would actually be ok with his inclusion in the next smash bros game.

6 Daroach

I would love to see Daroach in Smash bros but Adeleine and Bandana dee needs to be added in first

Squak Squad needs representation. That's my only reason of why I would like Daroach. - Goombaic

Thanks to Star Allies, I think Daroach has a decent chance as a playable character,I’v wanted him since Brawl,he has so much move potential and wouldn’t mind if he was the only new Kirby Character added into Smash

7 0

The true main antagonist of Dreamland 3 and Crystal Shards, 0 has left an impression (of course, a floating giant eye that looks creepy would obviously catch attention in Kirby). - Goombaic

He’s too big but then again Ridley got in but it would be hard to implement a flying sphere into battle like how would he attack,grab or what would his final smash be? he is better of as a boss battle for a new adventure mode or an assist trophy because I doubt they would make someone like 0 a playable character. He isn’t a prominent or relevant villain and if we need a Kirby 64 rep then it would most likely be Adeline.He isn’t fit to be a character and there are way more characters that deserve it more than him Marx,Bandana Dee, Dark Matter Swordsmen,Magolor,Susie,Adeline and etc.He has nothing going for him as a playable character,I could see him as a boss or assist but not a playable character.

8 Prince Fluff

Because Yarn Kirby apparently needs representation. I liked Yarn Kirby, but Prince Fluff would be one of my last picks of recognizable Kirby characters to put in Smash. - Goombaic

I know it won't happen but... I would love to see prince fluff in smash even as a Assist Trophy

I would like for him to be in smash

9 Yarn Kirby

Some people actually want Yarn Kirby in Smash, and not as an alt. Some of these people also want Yarn Yoshi in Smash... OK? - Goombaic

10 Galacta Knight

If he became playable, he would probably just be an Echo Fighter for Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I wouldn't say Dark Meta Knight since he'll still be an alternate color palette for Meta Knight. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True, Galacta Knight was an alternate color palette for Meta Knight in Smash 4, but I feel Galacta Knight has a unique design and attacks that are different enough to distinguish him from Meta Knight. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hmm yeah that would be cool...

I feel like he would be a unique character but many people request that he should be an echo fighter which I don’t disagree with but unlike most of the echo fighters that have been introduced he may have a similar appearance but has different attacks compared to Meta Knight,he also has a lance and shield but I doubt that it would be hard to implement both a lance and shield for a Meta Knight echo. I feel like Dark Meta Knight or Morpho Knight should be an echo fighter because of Both characters rise of popularity

Proboly An Echo Fighter For Meta Knight If It Happens - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

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The Contenders

11 Gooey


How come Gooey isn’t in the top 10,he has a better chance than Whispy Woods (who shouldn’t even be on this list),0, and Yarn Kirby.

Maybe as an echo fighter of Kirby? He has similar powers compared to Kirby in Kirby’s Dreamland 3 and can also absorb powers like Kirby however he licks them but they’d could probably change his inhale attack.He could be the only potential echo fighter of the Kirby series other than Morpho or Dark Meta Knight.

I'm really disappointed that magolor, Marx, and GALACTA KNIGHT are all above this ball of joy, and even worse, HE'S NOT EVEN IN THE TOP TEN!
This fandom... Gooey actually DESERVES to be in smash and Marx only joined Kirby at first to save his sorry butt. W H Y D O Y O U L I K E H I M M O R E T H A N G O O E Y

12 Dark Matter

I’m kind of hoping Dark Matter Swordsmen or Blade makes it in because he is a prominent villain in the original Kirby trilogy and has recently appeared in Planet Robobot.He could be our first villain in the Kirby Franchise to be introduced in the Smash bros series but would most likely be overshadowed by Marx,Magolor and Susie.

13 Whispy Woods Whispy Woods

I would laugh if this actually happened. I'd still use him though. - Garythesnail

14 Susie

Susie should be in smash

Best Kirby Planet Roboot Charcter Not In Smash Rather Than Bandanna Dee

I will say that Susie has a decent chance of appearing in Smash Ultimate as a playable character or an assist trophy because Planet Robobot came out as soon as the developing time for the next smash game.She does have competition between Magolor and Bandana Dee but other characters like Gooey or Marx don’t have a really big chance.The reason I say this is because they just recently gotten popular because of Star Allies and Smash games are usually planned in the beginning which is why we don’t have characters like Waluigi who just became popular because of the stupid memes.Daroach or Adeline, I wouldn’t hold my breath for them because they aren’t really that popular in terms of other Kirby characters.Susie is pretty popular in Japan,is still a recent character, is a female villain, has appeared multiple times in Kirby’s twentieth fifth anniversary, and has unique moveset concept.But she has one issue and that is her competition between Bandana Dee and Magolor but then again ...more

15 Taranza Taranza

If Magolor got in, he could be an echo fighter for him.

He would most likely be an assist and work better as one.He isn’t a top priority character when compared to the likes of Bandana Dee,Magolor,Adeleine,Marx,Susie and etc.If there were to be a new Subspace Emissary he would be a neat boss.

16 Dark Meta Knight

Dark Meta Knight would most likely be an echo fighter or skin for Meta Knight.

He is so badass

17 Masked Dedede

Not A Clone Of Dedede

Sakurai's got something even better, y'all! Now Masked Dedede is King Dedede's new Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Ribbon

She would most likely fight alongside Adeleine in her moveset and could be her recovery if they ever made it in,she and Adeleine would most likely be dlc thanks to their rise in popularity in Star Allies.

19 Morpho Knight

Morpho Knight would be the same as Dark Meta Knight, skin or echo fighter for Meta Knight.

Dlc maybe?

20 Sword Knight
21 Ice Dragon

He makes more sense than Whispy Woods who appears in the background of stages already

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