Top Ten Lamest Reasons Why Rosalina Fangirls Hate Daisy

I've been wanting to make this list for quite a long time. I really start to hate it when people fight about Daisy and Rosalina. "Rosalina is better!" "No Daisy is." So I have made two separate lists. This one is about Rosalina fans and the other list is about Daisy fans. BTW, no this is NOT insulting or attacking Daisy's/Rosalina's character in any way. This is just me saying that Daisy fans should leave Rosalina alone and Rosalina fans should leave Daisy alone.

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1 Daisy is a Waste of a Character Slot

She's not a waste of a character slot because she isn't replacing or taking up space! Plus, whoever was replaced is probably someone no one would play as. Daisy and Rosalina are also in most of the spinoff games together! - DCfnaf

No, she was created for a main game, Super Mario Land! And in spinoffs she got a developement.

2 Daisy is Ugly

Quite frankly, judging people based on looks makes you biased. - DCfnaf

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3 Daisy is Underdeveloped

Rosalina is the only character who had a back story. God Sakes! Is every character undeveloped because they don't have a backstory? What do they expect Yoshi's story of an abusive childhood!? - KingFab

She had something at least unlike Waluigi or clones.

Waluigi had absolutely nothing. Waluigi is a REAL filler character. The clones are awful. Pink Gold Peach, Baby Rosalina, Baby Daisy, Metal Mario, Dry Bowser...UGH - DCfnaf

Just because she doesn't have a backstory like Rosalina doesn't mean she is a bad character. Nintendo never bothered to develop Daisy which, quite frankly, is a shame. Daisy's creator probably had a ton of stuff he wanted to do with Daisy but he didn't see the light of day long enough to tell us the story. That's why Daisy has no character. Nintendo doesn't want to do anything with Daisy since they didn't know what her creator would've wanted. :( Feel bad now? - DCfnaf

4 Daisy's Fans are Annoying

Oh please. You Rosalina fans are also very annoying. All you do is shove Rosalina into our faces and scream into people's computer faces until they like her. Plus you say she is underrated and needs to be in more games, but there isn't a single game without Rosalina anymore. Daisy is only in spinoffs so she needs more attention! - DCfnaf

Every single reason on this list is perfect.

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5 Daisy is a Clone of Peach

She isn't! She's her own character with her own personality, developement, role and origins. Sure she was similar to Peach in Super Mario Land but this doesn't make her a clone. This isn't Smash where own characters with the same moveset are clones, here own characters are own characters!

This is reason kills me. Nobody is a clone of anybody! - Wereweegee

Daisy has been packaged with the personality of being a tomboy and a wild, energetic girl who wasn't your everyday damsel in distress. So tell me how she is a clone of Peach.

Daisy is not a clone of Peach and neither is Rosalina. You wanna know who is? Pink Gold Peach. You know, the stupidest thing to ever exist in a game? - DCfnaf

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6 Daisy is Dating Luigi

Oh no! Do not mention any pair, any idiot can come to generate a war! I think this reason is quite irrelevant, each with their tastes and point! - Julieta

This couple was never canonized! I ship Luigi X Rosalina and Luigi hasn't been showing much interest in Daisy lately. She has shown interest for Princess Éclair and Rosalina. - DCfnaf

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7 Daisy's Voice is Maddening to Listen to

Her voice is very annoying, but does this make Daisy a bad character? She's supposed to have that loud voice because she is energetic and wild. - DCfnaf

Oh come on the voice is just the voice!

8 Daisy Isn't Popular

Who cares if she isn't? Yeah, I haven't seen someone play as her in MK 8, but still! She is VERY popular on thetoptens. Every time I've seen someone hate on Daisy, thousands of fans show up defending her. There are more defenders than offenders here. - DCfnaf

Uh huh. I thought almost everybody hated her until I found this website. - Wereweegee

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9 Daisy Isn't Smart

How would you guys know? Just because we don't see her reading like Rosalina doesn't make her dumb. - Wereweegee

Honestly the only fans I hate more than Rosalina's and Daisy's are probably Waluigi's - DCfnaf

The fan war DEFINITELY needs to stop - DCfnaf

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10 Daisy Doesn't Have Style

You don't have to have style to be awesome. Yeah, her dress is pretty unflattering, but remember she's a TOMBOY (sorta). Plus when she is in shorts and a shirt, she's actually pretty good looking. - DCfnaf

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