Least Important School Subjects

The Top Ten

1 Art

This is the problem. We now think that hobbies & crafts like art (and music) should be taught as classes in the education system. School should be for the 3 R's, if you want to learn about art, do it on your OWN time with your OWN money.

Some students thought about art being an important subject, but they're actually wrong, because when it's a creative and fun subject, it's not essential. - SpinelliFan

What because it's the hardest subject to get a job in? Drawing, painting and craft takes practice. You play with the PVA glue. Your painting gets messy. You mess up by making an accidental colour out of the line. You need to study modern art to understand it instead of thinking it was done by a 3 year old. Sketch and colouring books are in the shops all the time.

I love art! It helps calm you and clear your mind - Swiftdawn

2 Religion
3 Music


4 Textiles

Especially for guys. - jrodz

5 Physical Education

Well, it does keep you fit and healthy...

Boring! - Muffet13

6 Drama
7 Cooking
8 Philosophy
9 Social Studies
10 Reading

I enjoy reading since I am pretty good at it and it's very relaxing

Billyv, I have no clue - Swiftdawn

What do those letters after the numbers mean? - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Math

It should be the last one because everything in the world involves math.

What?!? Math rules us! Maybe because there are no subjects after - mathguy37

It's so dumb - YaYeeat

12 Sex Education

Stupid things teachers should never teach you. It's about putting a penis up a vagina. Rude and digusting. Yuck eww!

Bleh! I’m only here for the free condoms! Plot twist: none are given out - Muffet13

13 Science
14 Food Science

I think food science is the least important subject at school.

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