Top Ten Bankruptcy Lawyers In Los Angeles

People face many financial challenges in today’s competitive economy. Often times, effective budgeting and efforts to save money are simply not enough to thwart financial difficulty. Rising unemployment and the state of the property market contribute to the stress of providing for ourselves and our families. Financial situations may spin out of control as bills accumulate and debt begins to pile.

Whether your financial situation is the result of poor luck or poor management, the stigma associated with debt need not keep you from seeking help or investigating bankruptcy as an option. Filing bankruptcy might not be a person’s first choice, but it does not mean giving up on your dreams or losing any chance of success. Many fear losing jobs, homes, or cars. Others think they will never be financed again. The ins and outs of bankruptcy are complex and often misunderstood. State law also plays a major role in many bankruptcy cases. Having a professional navigate the legalities and help you make sense of your options is key. Bankruptcy lawyers specialize in doing just that. Working with an attorney can save you time and money, possibly protect some of your assets, prevent you from making mistakes, and reduce the likelihood of your case being dismissed.

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With the right assistance, you can move on with your life and have a new start.
The Top Ten
1 Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Specialists

They offer a free bankruptcy evaluation and can handle your case efficiently and with minimal cost.

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2 The Bankruptcy Law Firm, PC

Serving Los Angeles and surrounding counties, this firm offers a free evaluation process and has a former bankruptcy judge to help you navigate your options.

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3 Bankruptcy Law Firm of Jasmine Firooz

With over 22 years of experience in bankruptcy law, Jasmine Firooz offers affordable, convenient, and efficient services.

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4 Mark J. Markus Law Office

A board-certified specialist in bankruptcy law, Mr. Markus is a caring resource who will put your needs first when helping you with your bankruptcy case.

5 Tyson Takeuchi Law Offices

Specializing in bankruptcy and debt relief, Tyson Takeuchi offers an affordable option for getting your finances back on track.

6 Bayer, Wishman & Leotta

With a slew of positive testimonials and ratings, the experience of other clients can guide you to this firm for your debt relief.

This firm offers consultations to decide if bankruptcy is the right path for you and handles most cases on a flat-fee basis. With 31 years of experience, you can be assured that they know what they're talking about.

7 Weintraub & Selth, APC

Weintraub & Selth, APC has over 65 years of combined experience in personal and business bankruptcies and goes the extra mile to help their clients.

8 Sandra Nutt, Attorney At Law

Offering evening and weekend appointments for those who still hold down a regular job, Ms. Nutt can address your financial needs as well as many others.

9 JCH Law Firm

This firm believes in a transparency approach, meaning that the client will be the one making the decisions. They work to ensure you are informed of your rights and options so you can feel confident about the decisions at hand.

10 LG LAW - Workers Compensation, Bankruptcy & Personal Injury Law

"This firm and all of the employees go above and beyond for customer service! Tom has been unbelievably supportive throughout the process, and they made it as easy as possible. They are not only professional and easy to work with, but the bankruptcy attorneys are very knowledgeable and on top of everything. They even filed the bankruptcy for me the same day that I provided them with everything needed! Definitely recommend them to anyone who needs legal help!" - Amber Surface

The Contenders
11 Shoeb Saher

Shoeb Saher is a corporate and commercial lawyer with more than 11 years of experience.

12 Talkov Law
13 FLP Law Group LLP
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