Worst SJW Moments of the 2020s Decade

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1 The George Floyd riots

There was just so much selfishness for "justice" for this guy even though he was a drug addict. So yeah, a ton of people robbed stores and treated George Floyd like he was Jesus and anyone who disagrees is an evil racist.

Which were allowed despite businesses being forced to stay closed and events getting cancelled because "stay home save lives". Not to mention people standing less than 6ft apart and removing their masks to yell.

A man who got killed by racist police officers.

2 Evan Rachel Wood makes a Tweet calling Kobe Bryant a "Rapist" right after he dies

If only she knew that Kobe was black...

3 Netflix's Cuties is defended for "not actually being about pedophilia"
4 Splash Mountain being rethemed

Rethemed to Princess Tiana sending people into a salt mine to get salt for her restaurant. And not just any salt mine, the Avery Island Salt Dome, where many slaves died but that's the closest to a "mountain" in New Orleans.

Not helping: Disney's pathetic further attempts to make Tiana as popular if not moreso than Elsa.

5 SNL White Male Rage

I'm sure there are white males running SNL.

Just by that name...

SNL has declined, man.

6 Journalists demand Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok ban men

And should it sell it will appeal only to the horny men and women who want to see boobies. Or if they don't have that (which probably could be a thing considering things) then it will just not sell well regardless. People have a reason for playing a game but some journalist isn't going to stop them from doing so.

7 Celebrities angered over Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes speech

Honestly it kind of seems like people use the term SJW to describe anyone who seems to have "unreasonable" point of view. I'm not defending the people being referred to by the way but honestly the connection between a lot of them seems questionable in my opinion.

8 Feminists outraged at men not seeing Birds of Prey

Maybe they didn't WANT to see it. Oh no I can't believe someone didn't want to watch a certain movie!

9 People calling for Trump to be censored from Home Alone 2

The TDS is seriously messed up with some people. Just don't watch the movie, or just skip the scene if you don't want to see it. Instead they want to erase Trump from their lives while constantly talking about him.

10 Twitch bans "Blind Playthrough" tag

How many actually blind people were offended by these words? I don't know a single one. Everyone who wanted it banned could see the words.

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11 Dr. Seuss books being banned by a school district

UPDATE: Apparently, the books are NOT banned by the school district, they are just not celebrating Dr. Seuss day.

12 Disney introduces Reimagine Tomorrow

"Reimagine" seems to be a word that's often misused. Just like the words "cancer" and "autistic".

13 Scumbags mock and disrespect Robbie Coltrane's death because of him agreeing with J.K. Rowling, writing "one less transphobe!"

It's the entire "If you lived in Germany in the 40s you killed Jews" type argument.

14 Far left-wing "teachers" try to "persuade" (brainwash) a biracial girl into thinking that that the white side of their family is "oppressive"

They see an opportunity to possibly convert someone into their "religion" and went with it. These parents should sue these teachers and get them fired.

That's just sad considering the fact I may possibly be biracial. Well not really but still. It's likely I'm Mediterranean descent though.

Yep, if you aren't entirely of African origin, you are part of the klan.

15 John Leguizamo says the Mario 2022 movie cast is "too white".

Yep, no one's going to listen to a guy who played the WORST version of Luigi, at least Marc Graue had the YouTube Poops.

*Kevin Michael Richardson and Keegan-Michael Key have entered the conversation*

16 Coca-Cola introduces training program that tells employees to fight racism by being "less white"

Did this backfire?

17 Abortion law in Texas refers to women as “menstruating persons”

This law certainly seemed popular in Texas.

18 Pizza Hut sponsors critical race theory in schools

I really hope Little Caesars don't follow that route...

19 Pepe Le Pew is announced to no longer feature in future Looney Tunes projects
20 Gaming journalists harass Harry Potter fans saying they are "bigots" if they buy Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

What about pirating it?

21 Feminists accuse anyone with anything less than glowingly positive to say about Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie of being "butthurt conservative men"

Pretty much all defense of that stupid movie, really.

22 University of Chester slaps trigger warning on the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Yes, the book/movie has magic moments, creepy pictures, annoying ghosts, the school bully, the teachers with unknown intentions, the incredibly frightening magical creatures, oh, and the Dursleys too. Frankly, this book SHOULD have a trigger warning for those not used to realms of magic of any kind, but if it's about identity politics then it's stupid.

What's inappropriate besides the author? I mean, it's like putting warnings in front of Little Bill.

23 A Canadian artist resells the "Harry Potter" books at higher than retail with JK Rowling's name removed

Laur Flom is its name (I refuse to use "they" as a singular). Also replaced the original cover art with its own, which must not have been selling otherwise.

24 A gender fluid actor claims women who are uncomfortable with naked males in locker rooms are "misogynist"

Common sense dictates that people don't like seeing other people's private parts. This has been a norm for centuries. This actor wants to normalize either the prehistoric ages or pornography.

25 Members vandalize Hogwarts Legacy's steam page, adding tags like "villain protagonist", "capitalism" and "genocide simulator"
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