Top Ten Little Trees Car Air Freshener Scents

The Top Ten
1 Black Ice

I like this scent.

2 New Car Scent

New Car Scent smells great.

3 Vanillaroma
4 Morning Fresh
5 Lavender
6 Royal Pine

I’m a big outdoors guy from Minnesota so this really reminds me of the coniferous Woods. Only thing is you have to keep this tree in the bag as the package directs if you just take it out, throw the bag then hang it up the scent is way too strong

7 Lemon Grove
8 Green Apple
9 Black Forest
10 Summer Linen
The Contenders
11 Sparkling Breeze
12 Forest Fresh
13 Fresh Shave
14 Sunset Beach
15 Spice Market
16 Pure Steel
17 Copper Canyon
18 Pina Colada
19 Rainforest Mist
20 Rose Thorn
21 Daisy Fields
22 True North
23 No Smoking
24 Heat
25 Cable Knit
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