Questions to Ask TopTenners About Among Us

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1 Have you ever caught the imposter in the act of killing a crewmate?

Well yes, Many times

Yes. I have caught the impostor killing a crewmate twice.

Multiple times, but most of the time nobody believed me :,

Yes, yes I have. It happens quite frequently.

2 Have you ever been betrayed by another imposter

Well yes, She snitched on me so I exposed her.

Kinda. I killed this one dude and he ratted me out to his discord friend.

Yep. The other impostor got caught, so he ratted me out in the chat.

No, the imposters I teamed up with don't do that

3 What is the stupidest reason you got voted out for?

Purple told everyone I was 'following him'. I just wanted to be friends :( (Also he was the impostor)

note: The pictures used are not mine

This reason isn't stupid but, I tricked everyone by saying "I was venting"
They trusted me like bruh, why would an imposter say that? Anyways I got voted out.

I was playing with noobs and I was doing a task that required me to stand over a vent. They of course thought I was trying to vent.

4 Have you ever got caught killing a crewmate?

Well only once, Okay twice

My first game, I walked into a room with 7 crew mates in it and accidentally killed one in front of everyone.

I have, for like my first few games of being impostor.

Yes I killed someone doing wires in elec but didn't see pink doing download

5 What is the craziest thing you did in among us?

Probably that time my brother and I started a witch cult.

There was this one time my camera glitched and I killed a person yet I didn't know someone saw me! So in the chat I lied and said it was a self report and believe it or not, THE OTHER CREWMATES BELIEVED ME, and voted the other person out. Since there were only 2 other people left, I waited for the cooldown, sabotaged oxygen and killed someone. Impostors win.

Cooked seven ducklings in an emergency meeting and started a food fight after inviting Keanu Reeves and 7 Hawaiian luau dancers to electrical and filling up the vents with cream cheese. Then the impostor did a crazy imitation of barnyard animals and jumped out the space ship. And then our ship turned out to be a transformer and he was pissed that we were partying in his armpit.

Once I got caught killing someone on cams and I was able to run across the map and lock the doors at the right time to get the kill before they snitched.

6 What color do you most choose?

Cyan and White

Purple and cyan. If both of them are taken, I just choose a random color.

Cyan and black.

Blue and cyan

7 Crewmate or Imposter?

Crewmate, I find it fun to catch an impostor

Impostor, especially when you’re playing with 2 impostors. If you get booted out as impostor, you can still go crazy sabotaging.

Imposter, it's more fun

Unpopular opinion I would gladly be Crewmate every time I’m bad at lying lol

8 Have you tried trolling crewmates before?

Yes, My brother and I started a witch cult, Surprisingly we also caught the imposters.

Yes my friend was an imposter (me, white, and purple decided to team) so purple killed someone then I hid the body🤣 I got ejected because of that and purple one so yes my goal of that was to help purple win

You mean as a fellow crewmate or impostor?

I need clarity on this question.

9 What moment do most find annoying?

When I'm the imposter and people start leaving the game -_-

People calling emergency meetings for no reason

When someone blames me for something I didn't do.

When people leave instantly.

10 What is your favourite map?

Mira HQ is probably my favourite

Skeld it's well balanced and while the tasks are simple it's honestly fine with me

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11 What's your opinion on the hacking situation?

I find it annoying, TBH

Ruins the game. I instantly leave when I see that.

I actually don't encounter it that much.

Pretty annoying.

12 What is your best impostor moment?

Well, Me and my partner won a game and no one suspected us. Everyone just kept accusing each other without any proof, They did most of our job while we sat there laughing at them

I killed someone then when it was reported I was far away so nobody thought I was sus then I just sabotaged and killed the next person to win

See my comment on What is the craziest thing you did in among us?

probably when someone figured out I was one of the imposters but somehow more people voted for him than me so we won