Top 10 Magical Girl Cliches

Regardless if they are good or bad, the Magical Girl genre has cliches that are mostly found in that specific genre. Not saying that these cliches can't apply to other genres, of course.
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1 Transformation scenes

I will admit the music is catchy when they happen but it is cliché.

Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Powered Buttecup are so adorable! ❤️

2 The main character doesn't excel at anything/terrible at doing things

A few examples if you are confused by this item:

Madoka Kaname considers herself average at everything and doesn't stand out in talent.
Usagi Tsukino does a terrible job with her schoolwork
Duck/Ahiru is the worst Ballet student outside of her Princess Tutu form

Ventouse, Resort, Gourmand, Soleil, and Peinture are talking a nap.

Can They Do Anything Right?!

3 A magical animal companion who guides magical girls through their designated tasks

Seriously why can't we just twist things up a bit? For example:Kyubey

Cute but annoying trope


4 The main character has more magical capabilities than the other magical girls

not the case in lolirock... (I know it's french but many still consider it an anime) Italia has more magical powers than Iris and better control of them... (iris is the main character by the way

Wish They Can Give The Other Girls More Magical Capabilities

Wow,Ultimate Madoka! Amazing!

5 The main character has a love interest

I chose Duck and Fakir for the image on this item. People who watched Princess Tutu should know exactly why I chose Fakir over Mytho. (Won't say because SPOILERS)

Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica? Unless Homura counts (lol)

Who loves Princess Tutu? I do!

I need a huggie!

6 Friend(s) of the protagonist(s) are completely oblivious towards magic

This is made even worse when the secondary character is a token stereotype. Hi, Alya Césaire!

7 At least one magical girl is considered a mysterious bad ass

I love those sort of characters

yeah-Kyoko Sakura

8 Magical girl groups are aligned with specific colors

I love the Maho-Dou from Ojamajo Doremi! ❤️

Like the Power Rangers?

9 That one magical girl who's distant towards the rest

Which is often the mysterious badass *COUGH* Homura Akemi *COUGH*

10 Magical girls work as a team

This is a French cartoon, not Japanese anime.

This show is from France.

Les Piwis are so cute!

I loved Ventouse, Resort, Gourmand, Soleil, and Peinture!

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11 Main character has pink hair

Have you noticed that a lot of magical girl protagonists have pink hair? I'm not sure why it's Pink hair is the most common, but I'll roll with it I guess.

What about Sailor Moon?

She is Megurine Luka!

She is Cure Blossom!

12 Main Characters are the most colorful

When this happens, it feels like they're breaking the rest of the team's cohesion.

no not in lolirock again the main character's mother is the most colorful

13 Main character has pigtails

I love Momoko Asuka! ❤️

not in loloirock

14 Main character has bunny ears
15 Anime expressions

Well I mean it is an anime... 😅

16 Anime feet
17 Main character has orange hair

She is Hyper Blossom!

18 Main character has a mini skirt

A 6-year-old girl in each episode loves to have a bikini on with a mini skirt! ❤️

19 Main character has blonde hair

She is Kagamine Rin!

20 Main character has yellow hair

She is Rolling Bubbles!

She is Cure Peace!

21 Main character has red hair

She is Doremi!

22 Main character has a tiara
23 Main character has magenta hair

She is Rana!

She is Haemi!

24 Main character has crimson hair

She is Kasane Teto!

25 Main character has amber hair

She is Cure Custard!

She is Akita Neru!

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