Best Mahabharata Characters

Mahabharat is an Indian epic and we are talking about the top characters from Mahabharata.

The Top Ten

1 Karna

The only greatest warrior in Mahabharata... I am sure no one can beat him

Karna is very gentle man

He was an invincible fighter. Learned the skills with his utter determination.. I am sure no one could have beat him in archery.. Also, Karna should have been portrayed as a winner as it would have set a good example against casteism... Karna was the one who started fighting against so called society created divisions...

Karna was the Greatest Warrior not only in Mahabharat but of all time he is undefeatble.

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2 Krishna

He is gods of gods

He is loyal to everyone and the great

He is very wise

Krishna is best

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3 Arjun

Not as great as karna

He killed the greatest warrior KARNA!

Because he was the best in pandavas

they ke

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4 Bheeshma

He was also an invincible warrior

Greatest warrior in Mahabharata and he is so generous and humble

This guy should be in marvel comics. He would be a great avengers enemy

He is so inspirational

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5 Bheem

He defeated Karna at least 4 times during the war. Also defeated Drona by breaking his chariot 8 times

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6 Abhimanyu V 2 Comments
7 Drona
8 Vidur

Abdul kalam said that he is a good man

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9 Nakula
10 Duryodhana V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Yudhishthir

He lived for Dharma and got the name and fame as "Dharma Raj". He alone went to the Heaven with the human body at the end.

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12 Shakuni V 2 Comments
13 Balram
14 Shikhandi
15 Barbarika

A good warrior but not much karna

16 Ghatotkacha
17 Sahadeva

He knows the future and also a genius

18 Eklavya

I am not S.T but he also rocks but yeah I also like karan and krishna but his character also rocks

19 Pandu

Great gandu. Unbeatable in gandu battles.

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