Best Mahabharata Characters

Mahabharat is an Indian epic and we are talking about the top characters from Mahabharata.

The Top Ten

1 Karna

The only greatest warrior in Mahabharata... I am sure no one can beat him

The best worrier in the history of world mythology... A good person... Soft kind and committed... Not like his cruel mom... Not like his brother Arjun...

I think the idea of Mahabharata was to let people know that humanity existed even at the hardest of times.

Karna is very gentle man

2 Krishna

Other than being avathar of Vishnu. He is the wise man of all time with his bagavadgitha.

He is gods of gods

He is very wise

He is loyal to everyone and the great

3 Arjun

He fight for the truth. People love Karn because they read Fack books or shows. If they read real mahavarat they understand who is stronger. He is the Hiro of mahavarat

Arjun was the ultimate enlightened warrior, greatest friend of god himself, and one of the most Sattvic warriors of all time.

Greatest warrior in real Mahabharata

He is the best warrior not karna

4 Bheeshma

Greatest warrior and man who keeps his word at whatever cost it takes.

Bheeshma is most powerful warrior who destroyed 5 akshauhini sena he was Brave and best among all

He was also an invincible warrior

Greatest warrior in Mahabharata and he is so generous and humble

5 Duryodhana

Great friend, valiant warrior, even prayed as God for his protective nature for someone helped him with his thirst in malanada

Please vote this guy. From the beginning to end everything unjust him. - Noksha

He had good qualities
He respected his wife

I like him.he was more powerful than bheem.balram's favourite student

6 Bheem

The spotless character in entire Mahabharat

Great warrior, humourous and only protector of draupadi...

He defeated Karna at least 4 times during the war. Also defeated Drona by breaking his chariot 8 times

The Strongest Man in Epic.
A Powerful man and Greatest Mace Fighter.
He killed Duryodhan, Dusashan and 98 other Kauravas.
He Killed Jarasindh, Bakasur, Hidimb, Kichak and Many Other Warriors.
He defeated Karna, Drona, Susharma and Jaydrath.

7 Abhimanyu

Great warrior got lost in padmavyuham.

#Son of Arjun and Subhadra.
#Student of God Krishna.
#He defeated Every warrior in Chakravyuha.

He should be in fifth position (1.Krishna,2.karna,3.arjuna,4.beeshma,5.drona,6 abhimanyu)he alone killed many people like duryodhana's son etc withount hellp

8 Shakuni

Most intelligent of humans

Good politician and kept word for his forefathers.

The cleverest of all

Best character

9 Drona

#Teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas.
#One of Great Warriors.

10 Nakula

The Contenders

11 Balram
12 Yudhishthir

He lived for Dharma and got the name and fame as "Dharma Raj". He alone went to the Heaven with the human body at the end.

#Wise, Intelligent
#Also A brave Warrior.
#follower of DHARMA.

13 Barbarika

He is innocent, who can stand in the side of loosing and a capable warrior who can end war with just 3 arrows. Got cheated by Krishna, as he had other plans with war

A good warrior but not much karna

14 Eklavya

Just faith and trust for his guru made him the best Archer. And sacrificed everything for the same guru, can let go anything for one he trust.

I am not S.T but he also rocks but yeah I also like karan and krishna but his character also rocks

15 Vidur

Abdul kalam said that he is a good man

#A Wise Man
#A Great Man

16 Ghatotkacha

He can be next Ravana if he had survived kurukshetra war was opinion of krishnna such a capable person.

#Son of Bheem & Hidimbaa.
#A Danger Demonic Warrior.
#He Defeated Every Warrior.

He s the scape goat of pandavas... Ghatotkatcha was the great warrior who destroys more of the kauravas army and saved arjuna from karna's celestial weapon... He's not recognized well as of abhimanyu... because of being a rakshasa... Racism everywhere...

17 Shikhandi
18 Ashwatthama

Valiant warrior but only person who dare enough trying to stop disrobing of draupadi in large gathering of so called great persons.

I don't understand why he is not in the list. Though he is a bad character, he was a great warrior. - josenaveen

19 Pandu

Great gandu. Unbeatable in gandu battles.

20 Sahadeva

He knows the future and also a genius

21 Brama
22 Uttaran
23 Vrishashen

Maharathi warrior

24 Bheema
25 Ayaan
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