Best Major Hetalia Characters

Just curious to see which major Hetalia character is most favored by fans. (I personally like all of them, though.)

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1 America

America has always been my favorite! (And no it's not because I'm biased) he's always so cheerful and energetic it always brings a smile to my face. His laugh? It's so sweet and contagious! Seriously every time he laughs I laugh too. He's one of the youngest yet he still somehow became a world superpower. America can read the atmosphere as proven at times in which things were serious, but he still usually chooses not to and that's another thing I admire about the guy. His constant exclaims of "I'm the hero! " is less annoying to me and more endearing. He's always trying to help his friends and I honestly wish I had a friend as amazing and kind as him. In conclusion, America or Alfred F. Jones is my beautiful perfect son who deserves all the love and affection in the world.

This one is kind of obvious. It's America!

Alfred personally isn't my all time favorite character, but he's close. He's the hero for crying out loud! He's very fun, energetic, funny, good-natured, hyperactive, and, well, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But still! Many viewers of Hetalia may be American themselves and the reason Alfred is so popular could be because people can have the time to laugh at themselves. You all remember the episode where America pulled out a United States map hoping to find the route to Asia, or how 'bout the time when he ate hamburgers, slurped soda, and tried to communicate with England with the Axis's battle plans ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, America is just that talented.

Also, who doesn't love a character with a sense of humor? Or one that is happy-go-cheery? Even if you try not to, it's difficult for somebody like me not to love America. He's just so adorable! For example: Alfred freaks out over a "horror" movie with no basic scary ...more - wavedoe8

Cause america is just badass!

He is like me. He is cute,lively and everything you could ask for in a boyfriend. He is really loyal too because he is the HERO. He is cute and I love him!

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2 Russia

I love Russia! The best country in the World and my favourite character from Hetalia (along with Belarus and Finland)

Russia is violent, insane to put it in the simplest terms, cruel, and mad. He's broken. But he is completely unaware of this.

Russia depicts himself as a merry country whom he wants everyone to "become one with him", and a nice person who considers everyone around him as a friend rather than an enemy. Ivan has no idea that he often scares others around him with his intimidating air, or that his gigantic size greatly makes his fellows extremely nervous and often intimidated around him. He dreams of living in a sunny place filled with numerous sunflowers and the ones he loves surrounding him. Whether or not Russia is aware of this improbability of this is currently unknown.

And that is why us Hetalians like him so much.

I think most fans feel sorry for Russia or, dare I say it, are able to empathize with him. Maybe it's because his clotted and bloody past fascinates the more curious fans. After all; his history is what destroyed Ivan's sanity in the first place. ...more - wavedoe8

! He is Evil,Psycopathic,and,yet, He is cutely unaware of that!

Russia wants to have friends and protect them from others to the point of being overly possessive and demanding but he really tries to have connections with them. If they were sick he would do something to help or at least give them a break.
Also he is so cute and does not deserve a psychotic incestual sister like Belarus giving him anxiety issues.

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3 England

The U.K. (or referred to as: England, or Great Britain) was once a vulgar, ruthless pirate who would knock anyone standing in his way to the side, but is now a very gentlemanly nation who enjoys tea and scones.

Well, in a very strained sense...

Britain, despite his claims as being very heh, "gentlemanly", is quite the opposite at times. A musician who adores rock and his own horrid cooking, nobody beats him in a drinking competition. *Smirks* he'll be out of the game within the first half cup. No worries.

He's one of those heavily sarcastic and smarmy characters who can be a bit to blunt and insensitive at times, but hey, who doesn't like a comedian? His relationships with many of his peers isn't the best, (cause of his attitude problem) but don't worry; there are still a few countries who idolize him. Definitely his more loved side is indeed his more public face, but I think many people care for his personification because of his big brother role with America as ...more - wavedoe8

Admit it. It's the eyebrows.

He's my favourite for his constantly changing personality and his general adorable tsundere-ness.

the best

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4 Japan

Japan signifies a beacon of honor, quiet nature, and self-preservation. He seems to be mature and calm on the outside and very dignified, but... Psyche! The dude's pretty crazy on the inside. You can all recall the episodes where Himaruya Hidekaz goes inside Japan's head and so the viewers see what is really on Kiku's mind... That is when we learn about Japan's inner weirdness.

Hetalia does an exceptionally good job of exploiting its own stereotypes and "faults", and that's probably the main reason why many Japanese viewers rate Honda on the "Top ten Hetalia characters list". Because Hetalia doesn't depict its own country as perfect. They could have made Japan the only sane one in a group of weirdos and misfits, but what fun would that be? Instead, the anime and manga makes Kiku out for his betrayals and how he views the world by going inside of his head.

Another reason why Japan's so popular is because for the more maybe level-headed fans; Kiku is one of the only really ...more - wavedoe8

Don't call the country weird, I think Kiku is very quiet and neat and he doesn't talk very much to people in hetalia, He lacks communication skills, he maybe is an introvert! He is scared at hugs and stuff - Nobody101

I just really like his voice...

I like Japan. His character, and voice actor are perfect!
I just really, really like him for some reason.
Even though he gets a lot of attention, and is in most of the episodes, almost every time he comes on, I go "Jappan! Japaaannn! "

I dunno...

5 Germany

I can realate to this guy

He is the hot, strong and silent type and it's adorable how shy he can be around girls and yet he is a slight closet pervert as seen by the magazines he receives from Finland. He needs to learn how to break the rules sometimes but otherwise he is everything you could ever want as he doesn't act as irresponsibly as other countries as seen in the very first episode at the meeting.

I cannot even BEGIN to describe my care for this guy. He is so close to being my favorite character, (and he might be) but there's a lot to choose from.

I love how Hetalia makes the country Germany harsh, but still kind-hearted and caring inside. It would be exceedingly difficult to portray Germany during World War II without offending local Germans or people with German roots (such as myself) because of *blanches* Hitler. But Himaruya Hidekaz pulls it off anyway.

He's a very strict nation with many rules that need to be met with discipline and obedience, but that doesn't stop Ludwig from being able to still relax every few millennia. Yes, Germany's still very strict and a bit power-crazy at times, but it's not impossible for him to enjoy a day with his fellow Axis members. Many Hetalia fans really like Ludwig because (and this is just guesswork from my own opinions) they either find him a model for the more serious and mature pro-Germany. And for the rest of us Ludwig ...more - wavedoe8

Lord Doitsu has taught me the ways of the potato and for that I am forever grateful.

6 China

I think he is the most handsome one. He is my husband.

Hmm... I personally don't think many people would vote for China as their all time favorite, but, whatever. You like what you like. I won't write a full-blown summary of the things that stick out in China's personality attract me, but I will still list a fair few.

-I do like his energy.
-He can be funny when he wants to be.
-I like characters with a rebellious, stubborn side, and China has it.
-He seems like the type of character to eventually forgive and let live. Eventually. - wavedoe8

7 Italy

Italy is without a doubt the kindest and sweetest character throughout the series; he's just so adorable! He would prefer to make "pasta not war" and is childishly ignorant and distant. Not really in a bad sense, though. More just... Distant.

He always has something good to say about those around him, he can make anybody feel better just by smiling at them, and many of the other countries find it extremely hard to remain angry at Italy for extended periods of time. Really, all Feleciano wants to do is eat, sleep, and enjoy life. He's just very easy-going and easy to get along with. (Though he can be annoying at times. )

Think about it; you're at war with practically the rest of the world and you have only a few comrades to get along with. Typically, you're mood would probably be much colder and harsh. Would it not? But no, Italy can still find a reason to smile and be on decent conditions with even his enemies. He can still find a way to see the good in everything around ...more - wavedoe8


He’s adorable and naïve.
Love him ^^ - Limeyy

8 France

Okay, France. France...


Like I said before, France is a man who can't seem to go down a few notches on the pole. He's very... He's very romantic. And super pervy. And because of that, it gives all us fans a person to giggle at and grow fond of.

It's true that the dominant side of Francis is mostly about sex, I won't try to deny that, but we also do catch a few rare glimpses of his big brotherly self as well. Most of the characters in Hetalia view France as just what he is, but the ones who haven't really seen France's more sentual part would describe him as caring and patient. We as the viewers don't see a lot of that, but it has been shown that France can be loving and protective when he wants to be.

Le roman me tue! - wavedoe8

France is amazing no doubt about it. Haters can go eat England's scones... Jk but, still France isn't just a perv he can be really loving when he wants to.

9 Prussia


Seriously though, it's Gilbert. He carries the comforting fantasy that he is the world's strongest and best fighter and the most awesome of all countries out there. His delusion and need to mess with Austria's social life makes him hilarious! There is nothing else you must know... (Well, there is, but I'm to lazy to write it all down. ) - wavedoe8

He is definitely hot and his confidence is certainly there which is always good. If only he didn't have that much of an ego he could really be perfect. I mean who would want to have to listen to how awesome someone is constantly? But he is a good brother to Germany.

He acts loud and obnoxious and egotistical all the time, but that's just because he doesn't want to be forgotten about.

I vote for Prussia but he's not major...

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10 Canada

Canada is SO, SO adorable! He can deal with the other countries forgetting all about his very existence (he doesn't like it though) and then he STILL doesn't get mad! He's just the type of person with something good to say about everyone around him, and is always willing and happy to help out.

Even though Matthew is very shy and sweet, a pacifist really, he does still have a fierce side to his personality. He can be very tough and ruthless when need be. But the only time that's ever happened was when America finally crossed the line and Canada got so angry with him that he yelled in his face and reduced his older brother to tears.

There aren't very many characters in the series like Canada. He's one of a kind in Hetalia. Matthew is just one of those characters you fall in love with because in reality, people like that don't show up in the real world. - wavedoe8

He's very cute and kind

The Contenders

11 South Italy (Romano)

I love Romano

Romano All The Way!

Why am I only No. 12!? Idiotas, I am a major part of Hetalia! - Romano_Vargas

Why is romano so low on the list right now? he is the best, and most relatable in my opinion! don't get me wrong! I love all the characters! but romano is amazing!
~with love, Emily from canada

12 Spain

He's so adorable and cute and he is always so optimistic about everything.

I was surprised Spain was not listed. His happy-go-lucky smile and cheerful personality made me attracted to him. He can be a caring parent too, even though Romano is kept denying it.
By the way, pirate Spain is hot.
Still, there are many great characters from hetalia (I love them all, especially the bad touch trio), but Spain is the most adorable, don't you agree?

Spain is one of my favorites. Every scene he was in I laughed. Spain the boss and chibi Romano was so cute even though I'm a SpUK shipper.

13 Iceland
14 Austria
15 Hungary

How can you not love her!? - Romano_Vargas

16 Belarus
17 Hong Kong
18 Sealand

€”I’m a small nation with a big heart! ”
-Sealand - Limeyy

I will be a country! You'll see :D

19 Australia

Sure, he is not one of the major characters, but he does play a major role in history. He is very courageous no matter the circumstances and he is always ready to help another fellow nation. and Australia also rules in cricket!
He has a very adventurous spirit and and he is ready to defend those he cares about if they are threatened.

20 Switzerland

He isn't exactly a major character. But you have to admit this guy has to be up here.

21 Pakistan

Sure, he/she isn't in the Anime, but was dancing in the back in the 2011 halloween special. Is my favorite because I love my country!

22 Norway
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