Itachi Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Itachi Uchiha. King of the Mangekyou. Prodigy of The Uchiha. Prince of my Heart.
Itachi is the strongest yet the kindest character and definitely the one who most deserved a happy ending. It pains me so much to think how the Uchiha's villainous ambitions destroyed his life. After the massacre of his clan, his life was turned into a living hell. He was known as a traitor in all the ninja lands, although he remained loyal to Konohagakure till the very end. He threw away his life for his village and little brother. He knew the true meaning of sacrifice.
It was already annoying how Sasuke kept his mind on revenge, not even stopping for a moment to think there could be a reason behind his brother's actions, but when he killed Itachi, the final card was played, my hatred for him was eternal. Sasuke IS a jerk, no matter what angle you look at the story from.(Sorry Sasuke-lovers. But it's the harsh truth)

Don't get me wrong, I like Kakashi and Naruto as well, but Itachi just ...more

1. Itachi is totally badass! Even though he isn't the best looking, his sexy personality makes him hot in your eyes.
2. He lived through the hardest life imaginable, yet hides all of his emotions. This shows strength, and strength is pretty admirable
3. Even when he loses a fight, he still looks so EPIC doing it!
4. He knows how to do the best hair flip (wayy better than Justin Bieber)
5. He's so smart, which is another attractive asset. If you think Shikamaru is smart, look at Itachi! He planned his whole life (SPOILER ALERT) from the age of 13 to the day he died!
6. There are so many more reasons, I just don't have time to write them all :3

There is no doubt about Itachi being the best. He had amazing skills as a shinobi and showed great maturity at such a young age. It was amazing how he infallibly stuck on to the truth and supported peace. He could make good decisions though his biggest failure was in bringing up his brother. Apart from that he shows a great deal of endurance patience and bravery. Wish he never died. Love him forever and he deserves it. I wish I was your girlfriend

he could kill anybody just by looking at them. sasuke almost lost to him if he wasnt going blind.

the greatest brother no one ever got.

He's the coolest one, physically and in character. Those deep eyes, cool hair and awesome appearance in the akatsuki outfit, I mean who else in the akatsuki can actually look that good in that outfit? He' s even got a great character to top it all. A very talented and strong shinobi, yet so wise and selfless that it hurts to see him sacrificing himself so much. He truly deserves to be in the list.

He is definitely the sexiest character I have ever come across. Hands down I would take him any day. God think of his eyes penetrating into your very soul, that silky black hair, and not to mention his powers holy... ! Powerful, dark, mysterious, sexy and incredibly caring inside. I love bad boys. Gotta hand it to Kishimoto, Itachi is an impeccable character that I have and always will adore and love.

Love' him.. Hate sasuke for killing him
He's different from other guys!
I really want to know who was his girlfriend..
I wanted him to be with INO... I love them both..
These 2 are my fav characters of Naruto!

Among the naruto characters not only among men but all of the characters, itachi is my favorite. and also his story is the most controversial that created a twist in naruto manga

Itachi Uchiha is a perfect example of a great brother. He killed everyone in his clan and joined the dark side in order to protect Sasuke and watch over the village at the same time. He's courageous and loyal no matter what.

Best character in the whole Naruto series.

I love him so much. Itachi Uchiha is a perfect package; handsome, sexy, mysterious, genius, powerful, and lovable. He rolled into one. Every fangirls and girls in Naruto series swooning over him. Perhaps as a girl like me also dreaming Itachi to be a future husband. Though he had a hard life to live as a rough ninja and a criminal and his village hated him for killing his clan,sparing only his little brother; he is not hard to be loved by fans. His village may not understand his reason for doing it and his pain, but Itachi will be forever lovee his Konoha and for the peace. We love you forever Itachi Uchiha the hero of 4th shinobi world war and hero in the shadow.

He would have been a wonderful Hokage though. I love him the most. He can save many lives giving up his own. Brave character and He lived a true shinobi's life

Do I seriously need to convince anyone the name itachi should be enough.

Itachi is indeed a legend, even its not mention in the manga or anime, I really hope his name become clear and stated as one of the shinobi heroes, remember when he stopped edo tensei in the war, tsuchikage said whoever stopped it is a hero, I really sad and dragged for how itachi spent his life by graving and sacrificing

Come on guys, he deserves to be number 1, he is a legend who is so powerful and yet had to die an unfair death. A true hero indeed

Itachi is the best. He should be number 1. He is so handsome and a caring and loving brother. He sacrificed his whole life for the Leaf. He is just so cool, genius and a handsome guy If only he hadn't died...

Itachi was one of the main players in this story. He was a hero hidden in the disguise of a villain. He was the motivation for Sasuke to get stronger, in turn causing Naruto to get stronger for Sasuke. He took down Kabuto in the war, putting an end to the edo tensei. He protected his brother even after he was dead. He gave his mangekyo to Sasuke. He threw away his life, just because he loved his brother so much. He had the deepest backstory by far, the most interesting character, and some of the most impactful moments. There is nothing to hate about him, because he is by far the best, most well written character in Naruto.

Itachi can single handily take out anyone he wants to, he has offense, defense, intelligence, reason... And not to mention taking out the entire Uchiha clang by himself.

Itachi is dark knight of Naruto when you see his actual storyline I bet you you cry hard he is real village hero of hidden in the leaf

Mysterious "bad boy". Gotta love it.

Itachi is amazing, the things he sacrificed for the future of the hidden leaf.
He was all for world without war, but sasuke killed him, this made me so upset.
But it was the only way for him to get rid of his regret.
Itachi is hot as well.
Love be to itachi, rest in peace.

He was blind, terribly sick and still was kickin' everyone's ass. He was beautiful and nice and selfless and totaly didn't deserve the horrible life he had and the way it ended.

Hes loves sasuke so much, and thought about his till the very end I love you Itachi.. KIll SASUKE!

Why isn't he number one? Sasuke sucks in comparison to him! Itachi is the best character ever!